Fresas con Crema is the simplest Mexican dessert you’ll ever make! Made v fresh strawberry mixed right into a sweet and also creamy sauce, this cooking recipes is prepared to eat in just 10 minutes. Just 5 ingredient needed!


If you’re in search of a quick and also easy dessert that requires much less than 10 minutes to make, then this Fresas and also Crema cooking recipes is for you!

This light and refreshing act is especially perfect in the heat summer months as soon as strawberries space in season and also extra sweet. Or if you’re prefer me, it’s an excellent for as soon as you need to meet that after-dinner sweet tooth but have nothing in the fridge.

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Don’t permit the simplicity of this recipe fool you – in spite of the minimal quantity of job-related involved, this is by much one the the most satisfying and delicious desserts I’ve ever made. It’s ideal up there v my Tres Leches Cake and Arroz con Leche recipes!

What is Fresas con Crema?

Fresas con Crema, or Strawberries and also Cream, is a well-known Mexican no-bake dessert made from freshly sliced strawberry mixed right into a sweetened cream sauce.

The cream sauce is make by whisking together a few easy-to-find ingredients: cake cream, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and also vanilla extract.

The end result is a sauce that’s easily pourable, light and thin, but with a sweet and also rich flavor comparable to that of ice cream! It pairs perfectly through fresh strawberries however could likewise be served with any kind of fresh berry or fruit like peaches.


How to do Fresas Con Crema

Slice strawberries right into thin ring slices.Whisk with each other sour cream, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and also vanilla.Scoop 1/2 cup sliced strawberries right into a cup or bowl and top through 1/2 cup sweetened cream mixture.

The strawberries and cream can be served immediately with a dollop of whipped cream or refrigerated for as much as 5 days.


Substitutions and Variations

While every one of the ingredient in this recipe are reasonably easy to find, here are part ingredient variations that could likewise work:

Instead of full-fat sour cream, friend could likewise use irradiate or nonfat cake cream, plain Greek yogurt or creme fraiche.Instead of evaporated milk, you can use whole milk or half-and-half.

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Don’t have actually fresh strawberries? You can use frozen strawberry (make certain to thaw them prior to mixing with the cream) or a various fruit prefer blueberries, raspberries or peaches.