Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets you pick protagonist Eivor’s sex on entering the game, offering you the choice of incarnating the character together a man or a woman. There’s additionally a third option come let the video game itself decide, which has actually its own consequences and implications. We’ll go with those below, and how to readjust Eivor’s gender more into the game.

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How to adjust Eivor’s Gender

You can change Eivor’s gender by pausing the game and pressing increase on the D-Pad (or Tab if you’re play PC), which’ll carry you earlier to the initial alternative to choose your gender. Climate you’ll have changed when you departure the menu and also go earlier into the main game. There’s no limitation or penalty for doing this, you pick the Eivor that’s best for you. Alternatively, you deserve to let the video game pick because that you, which fine talk around momentarily.

Which gender Should friend Choose?

There’s no huge gameplay or story change that comes from a certain gender, and no bad option as a whole. That being said, us gently recommend the you choose the third choice and permit the game to decide, as it helps add a little secret to an early game plot point and some clarity later on. It"s no a dealbreaker though - there’s nothing vast lost by choose the sex of your preference, and also if it leader to you having actually a more meaningful endure with the game, that should be the one to go for. The not prefer you can’t adjust it later.

Which Eivor is Canon?

If you’re wondering which the the two versions of Eivor is the canon “official” one, yes no concrete answer come that. Ubisoft have claimed that both are equally valid, and also that seems like a same claim, what with them being the creators and also all. And also of course, what with games being a collaborative medium between player and designer, you can argue that whatever Eivor you picked is canon for your playthrough.

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