For a2nd order reaction→ thehalf-life t1/2 dependson early concentration0↑t1/2=1k0↓second-order reaction
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For every of the adhering to cases, recognize the order through respect to the reactant, A. Instance (A ----> product)

1. The half-life the A boosts as the early stage concentration of A decreases.

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For each of the following cases, identify the order with respect to the reactant, a.

2. A twofold rise in the initial concentration that A leader to a fourfold rise in the early rate.

3. A twofold increase in the early concentration of A leads to a 1.41-fold boost in the early stage rate.

4. The time required for come decrease native 0 come 0/2 is equal to the time required for to decrease native 0/2 to 0/4.

5. The rate of diminish of is a constant.

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