BrandFood should Taste Good
Size5.5 ounce (Pack of 12)
Weight4.41 Pounds

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About this itemFood must Taste Good, Multigrain Tortilla Chips, Gluten Free, 5.5 ozTORTILLA CHIPS: Multigrain tortilla chips baked in flax, sesame, and sunflower seed & quinoa v a touch of sea salt.NON-GMO: Certified gluten-free, kosher, and also Non-GMO. Vegan; has no man-made flavors or preservatives.WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: Cholesterol free, low in sodium, and also 18 grams totality grains every serving (at the very least 48 grams recommended daily).ENDLESS OPTIONS: Chips space delicious alone or through your favorite hummus or dips.

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i really love this chips, so lot so, that I have actually been ordering castle by the carton right here on carolannpeacock.com, because they room not marketed in my local grocery store. Lock are an extremely tasty and also chock-full of a selection of Seedy nutty Flavors. Lock are excellent as a dipping chips, ala a tortilla corn chips, But additionally tasty enough to eat by themselves best out that the bag. They have actually a quite firm crunch, and also taste really substantial, also though the fat/carb Rating is no all the bad. I’ve placed them ~ above the treat perform of my keto diet. I very recommend the you provide them a try.
This is a good product in regards to taste, it\"s my favourite multigrain chip hand down and my rating mirrors that. However, I have to strongly advise against purchasing these chips online. When I opened up the very first bag the 12, only one serving was actually intact, the remainder were crushed. The end of every the bags, no one of the bags had an ext than two intact servings. Very frustrating considering the price the the product. The chips were no stale, yet they weren\"t really useful for snacking due to the fact that they to be mostly(80%+ crushed). Invest a little extra and buy the chips in person if they\"re available locally, if no don\"t get your wishes up as soon as ordering online.
These space my \"go to\" chips, but know the the recipe seems to have actually recently changed. The recent of this is a lighter and an ext airy version. As a result, the chips are much less sturdy 보다 they supplied to be. Still a great chip, yet fluffier now and also less robust.
I formerly read a evaluation that stated the expiration day on the tortilla chips was a month after the buyer obtained the order. Ns thought, surely the can\"t be. Well, we received our order today, and the expiration day is following month... No a lot of better! that doesn\"t provide us lot time come consume 12 bags of tortilla chips. If I might give this product a zero, ns would. I\"ll shot to buy them in your ar next time.
this appeared and also then disappeared in ~ a neighborhood store .... Happily i founfd them on carolannpeacock.com. I shot to eat healthy, but every now and also then chips fit. These taste good and are relatively healthy (for chips). Ns recommend them.
had actually these chips on chance in solitary size servings native a walk as much as order restaurant and always super fresh and also crisp. Therefore far, 5 bags in, every bag of chips is rather stale. A huge bummer as we have several bags come go.
i love these chips. The case price to be a tiny pricey, yet comparable come buying them out of the vending machine at work. Package come damaged - one side completely collapsed and broken open up so product was not only visible yet could have actually been gotten rid of from package. However, that didn\"t influence the contents. The chips have actually a great flavor, fantastic crunch, simply really good. Great the packages were smaller due to the fact that I often tend to eat the entirety thing...
Love this product and am only sad that the larger size bag is no available. Expect the manufacturer brings it earlier because among these smaller bags simply does no feed a hungry group!

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