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A an excellent electric skillet heats and cooks quickly and evenly and also is simple to use and clean.

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We cook fried chicken, hamburgers, and also pancakes in six electric skillets to uncover the best.
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Electric skillets are one of the most underrated kitchen appliances. If you live in a dorm, tiny home, RV, or just don\"t have access to a stove, an electric skillet come in comfortable for variety of food preparation tasks. In enhancement to sautéing and also pan-frying, a skillet is helpful for deep frying, browning meats, and also griddle cooking. You can even uncover recipes because that baking cakes and other treats in electric skillets. While working on this guide, I generally referenced and also enjoyed The Sensational Skillet Cookbook.

Even if you have a spacious kitchen with several burners, it\"s clever to keep an electric skillet roughly when the summer heat makes utilizing the range unbearable, once kitchen an are is at a premium during the holidays, or once you just want to store your food warm at a potluck.

For this guide, ns fried 15 pounds the chicken thighs and also eight pounds that burgers, and also made an ext than 50 pancakes in six electric skillets.

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James Brains/Insider

We put each electric skillet in this overview through numerous objective tests. The many important components to take into account when buying an electric skillet are exactly how evenly that heats and also cooks and how straightforward it is to use and clean.

Here are the main attributes we consider and the means we test because that them:

Ease that use: I collection up each of the systems without express the user hand-operated to assess just how easy they to be to use. Even with part minor assembly, nobody of the skillets took much more than 10 minute to collection up. I additionally examined just how easy the handles to be to seize barehanded once hot and also covered v slippery food preparation oil. The handles continued to be cool on every one of the models, however there were a few instances whereby the handle were little or poorly put so that it was difficult to prevent coming in contact with the warm pan. I likewise looked at special features that boosted usability, such together a lengthy power cord, basic storage, or a integrated pour spout.

Even heating: come test just how evenly the skillets heated, ns sprinkled 1/3 cup flour evenly over the cooking surface that each. Then, ns turned the warmth on high and also closely watched the coloration that the flour. If the skillet heats evenly, all of the flour need to darken in ~ the very same time. This was not the situation with any of the skillets. V every unit except our top pick, the flour darkened wherein the heating aspect was situated under the pan.

Speed: I poured 2 cups of peanut oil into the skillet, cranked the heat, and timed how long it take it the oil to with 350 levels Fahrenheit as measured through a probe thermometer. Many of the models took five to 7 minutes. Only our top pick take it a tiny longer — eight minutes and 30 seconds.

Cleaning process: ns washed each of the electric skillets several times every the manufacturer\"s accuse and provided how complicated the cleaning procedure was. Because that the devices that space dishwasher safe, ns ran them v the dishwasher at least once. I uncovered washing by hand to be more convenient than device washing; the skillets hogged a most dishwasher room and the nonstick surface made removed grime with a sponge reasonably easy.

Cooking performance: I placed the electric skillets v three food preparation tests.

Hamburgers: after preheating the skillets, I added as countless quarter-pound patties as I could fit there is no crowding and also timed just how long it take it them to with an inner temperature the 160 degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as done, ns assessed how also the sear was and also how the burgess tasted.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR): ns assessed just how socially responsible the manufacturers of each skillet are based upon information the organizations detailed as well as my very own research. I thought about environmental initiatives and whether the carriers are involved in any type of questionable practices, and I looked in ~ data from sites like CSRHub and Glassdoor to obtain a feeling of diversity in leadership and also employee satisfaction.Since it\"s virtually impossible to collect continuous data across all companies, i didn\"t sweet this attribute heavily, yet I go note any type of information that consumers might want to know prior to supporting a company.


James Brains/Insider

The Zojirushi Gourmet d\"Expert electric Skillet comes through two pans and a steamer, has actually a user-friendly design, and did the ideal job of heater evenly in our tests.

Cooking surface ar area: 10.5 x 3 inchesOverall dimensions: 17.5 x 15 x 5.5 customs (7.5 through lid)Heat range: 176 come 480 levels FahrenheitCord length: 78 inchesChicken thigh capacity: 5Hamburger capacity: 5Pancake capacity: 4Dishwasher safe: NoMaterials: Titanium-ceramic nonstick-coated

Pros: Heats evenly, comes through two pans and a steamer, user-friendly controls, straightforward to clean, long cord the detaches quickly for safety, developed delicious and also evenly-cooked fried chicken, burgers, and also pancakes

Cons: Small cooking surface

There room several attributes that set the Zojirushi Gourmet d\"Expert electrical Skillet (model EP-RAC50) personally from other skillets we tested. Very first of all, that comes v two pans: a deeper pan for soup-type foods, including hot pots, and also a flatter plate because that frying and also grilling. The set also contains a tempered glass lid and also vented steamer.

The skillet comes through a long cord that detaches as soon as something traction on it so it\"s hard to by chance send the skillet\"s components flying across your kitchen.

Setup to be intuitive and also took around five minutes. And, the Gourmet d\"Expert has user-friendly controls. You simply move the slider on the face of the unit come the temperature girlfriend want. In contrast, the other models we tested relied on poorly-placed dials.

I was impressed through the also heating the the Zojirushi. While the various other models to be hotter around the heating aspect — exhibiting a telltale dark ring in our flour check — the heating aspect location wasn\"t together clear v the Gourmet d\"Expert together the flour darkened an ext evenly.

The Zojirushi skillet did a great job of food preparation fried chicken, burgers, and pancakes. If it was the slowest to heat oil, it was the fastest to chef the fried chicken, only taking 25 minutes. And, the skin was together evenly-cooked and tasty together it gets. The meat to be juicy with simply the ideal amount that grease. Plus, the skillet created a great sear top top the burgers, and also the pancakes to be cooked evenly and quickly.

Cleanup to be a snap. When the pan isn\"t dishwasher safe, you have the right to remove it from the basic to to wash it by hand, and grime slid right off many thanks to the nonstick coating.

The biggest an adverse with the Gourmet d\"Expert is it\"s the smallest model we tested, and also fit the fewest burgers, pancakes, and chicken thighs.

While i would have liked to take it Zojirushi\"s corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating right into account during my evaluation, the agency did not provide the info I requested. If the changes, ns will update this guide accordingly.

$126.95 native Amazon

James Brains/Insider

The Dash family members Size quick Heat electric Skillet not only costs less 보다 $50, however it heats quickly and has a large capacity.

Cooking surface ar area: 14 x 2.5 inchesOverall dimensions: 20 x 19 x 5 customs (7 with lid)Heat range: Warm to 450 degrees FahrenheitCord length: 38 inchesChicken thigh capacity: 7Hamburger capacity: 8Pancake capacity: 5Dishwasher safe: NoMaterials: TruGlide PFOA-free, non-stick surface

Pros: Large capacity, rapid preheating, developed outstanding burgers, simple design, lightweight, straightforward to store

Cons: Heats and cooks unevenly, no dishwasher safe

The Dash family members Size rapid Heat electric Skillet (model DRG214RD) is the just skillet under $50 that we recommend. It additionally has the largest capacity of the devices we tested, fitting the most chicken thighs, burgers, and pancakes, which makes it right for families.

The Dash skillet has actually a an easy design and setup. The unit is composed of the base with its integrated nonstick pan, a power cord with a dial regulate that plugs right into the back, and also a lid with a silicone ring to kind a tight seal. Setup took about five minutes, and the just assembly was attaching the knob to the lid.

The handles are big and simple to tight (even when greasy), and, as the name suggests, the Dash fast Heat electric Skillet heats quickly. Unfortunately, that rate comes in ~ the expense of also heat distribution. In the flour test, ns could clearly see wherein the ring-shaped heating facet was located. This resulted in fast yet uneven pancake cooking. And, some of the chicken began to burn in spots, while other pieces were still undercooked. However, the hamburgers were the most forgiving. The Dash skillet produced beautifully-seared burgers that tasted delicious.

Cleaning the skillet was a pain. It\"s huge and isn\"t dishwasher safe. Fortunately, it has actually a nonstick surface so debris comes best off, and the unit is lightweight, which renders it easy to relocate around and store.

Dash is a subsidiary of Groupe SEB, which has actually a solid record of society responsibility. For much more info about how we evaluate CSR, watch our experimentation methodology.

$48.99 indigenous Amazon

James Brains/Insider

At simply a couple of dollars more than our budget pick, the Presto electrical Foldaway Skillet did an excellent job that frying chicken and cooking pancakes in ours tests, and also it folds increase for easy storage.

Cooking surface area: 14.5 x 10.5 x 2.75 inchesOverall dimensions: 20 x 12 x 6 customs (8 through lid)Heat range: Warm come 400 levels FahrenheitCord length: 31 inchesChicken thigh capacity: 6Hamburger capacity: 6Pancake capacity: 4Dishwasher safe: Yes, but the user manual advises against it if you desire the nonstick coating to lastMaterials: Heavy actors aluminum base with a phenolic nonstick surface

Pros: Did an excellent job frying chicken and cooking pancakes, easy to clean and use, wrinkle up for compact storage, attributes a pour spout

Cons: Cooked burgers slowly and unevenly, heats unevenly

Presto is may be the best name in electrical skillets. The firm even released the many popular electrical skillet cookbook ~ above Amazon, the Eclectic electric Skillet Cookbook. And, the Presto electrical Foldaway Skillet (model 06857) is one of the best-selling skillets v its unique design that folds up for compact storage, do it best for RVs or various other tight quarters. An additional unique attribute is a to water spout top top the rim for accurate putting of the pan\"s contents.

The setup the the Presto Foldaway is a little much more involved than most skillets since you need to clip the pan into the base, but it was straightforward to execute without instructions, and also the setup process only took five minutes.

The Presto skillet did terrific job of making chicken and pancakes. The oil preheated in under 7 minutes, and also the fried chicken took 26 minutes to get to a safe internal temperature. The outcomes were absolutely delicious. Pancakes took around three minutes and also were cook evenly.

The burgers didn\"t turn out as good. It take it 10 minutes to cook them in the Presto Foldaway — much longer than any other model — and also they browned unevenly. The flour check more plainly revealed the uneven heating together a ring of darkened flour developed where the heating aspect was located.

Fortunately, cleaning the Presto Foldaway was easy because the pan detaches native the base. The pan is dishwasher safe, but Presto motivates washing by hand to extend the life that the nonstick coating. I preferred washing it by hand anyway, because the coating maintained bits of debris indigenous sticking.

Presto\"s parental company, national Presto Industries, might be problematic because that some, with its short social responsibility ranking, absence of diversity in leadership roles, and also production that warheads. For more info around how us evaluate CSR, see our trial and error methodology.

$54.69 from Amazon

James Brains/Insider

We experiment six electrical skillets for this guide. These room the ones the didn\"t do the cut.

What else us recommend and also why:

De\"Longhi (model BG45, $54.99): We almost included the De\"Longhi electrical skillet in ours guide, yet it wasn\"t the best in any kind of category. It does a an excellent job food preparation fried chicken, is dishwasher safe, and also has a large cooking area because that such a compact appliance. Plus, the company has an exceptional 97% CSRHub ranking. However, it did not warmth evenly, and other electric skillets made far better pancakes and hamburgers. Still, this is a solid different if our peak picks are out that stock.

What we don\"t recommend and why:

Cuisinart Stainless stole Non-Stick (model CSK-150, $139.99): In the fried chicken test, the Cuisinart skillet to be the fastest to heat the oil, and the result chicken was evenly cooked and delicious. And, because it\"s dishwasher safe, it\"s basic to clean. Those were about the just positives though. The little handles made it basic to accidentally burn her hand on the warm pan, it didn\"t always heat evenly, and the temperatures on the dial control appeared to be inaccurate.

Presto Grey Ceramic (model 06856, $44.99): The Grey Ceramic skillet made fantastic chicken and also pancakes, favor the Presto Foldaway skillet. However, that wasn\"t as straightforward to clean because the pan doesn\"t detach from the base, and it doesn\"t wrinkles up for straightforward storage or have a pour spout. It likewise performed poorly in our flour test and also didn\"t cook burgers evenly. Plus, we have actually concerns about National Presto Industries\" CSR record.

We\"re always testing new electric skillets and retesting our peak picks to recognize the finest ones. Here\"s what we\"re looking forward to experimentation for potential inclusion in this guide:

Bella Ceramic Titanium (model 14607, $32.09): special a copper ceramic titanium coating on cast aluminum, we\"re curious come see how durable and also even heating this is. It\"s ~ above the smaller side therefore it could be a great solution if you\"re cooking for one.

Nesco (model ES-08, $24.33): This model costs less than half as much as ours top budget plan pick, and also at eight inches square (per the manufacturer), it\"s rather a bit smaller than any type of unit we tested. That seems prefer it could be a good option for college youngsters living in kitchen-less dorms.

What have the right to I chef in an electric skillet?

Electric skillets room underrated, flexible appliances that have the right to make a broad variety of foods. An electrical skillet can be supplied to cook every one of your breakfast favorites, including crispy bacon, hash browns, eggs, pancakes, French toast, and more. You have the right to use it to toast bread, which I favor to perform in bacon grease for included flavor.

You can simmer soups, chilis, and chowders in an electric skillet, yet you\"ll want to save the warmth low and also stir frequently to stop burning. And I\"ve found it\"s funny to use an electric skillet to cook right on the dining room table. Because that instance, you have the right to make fondue or have a non-traditional hibachi grilling experience.

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An electric skillet can also be provided for baking cakes, cookies, and also pies, make pizza, and also cooking one-pot pasta bowl (like lasagna or spaghetti) and casseroles. Basically, noþeles you deserve to bake, fry, deep fry, sauté, simmer, boil, steam, or slow chef can it is in made in an electrical skillet. As soon as you acquisition one, ns recommend choose up some cookbooks as well. The 2 I use space The Sensational Skillet Cookbook and also Electric Skillet Cookbook Complete.