When it pertains to texting, the default Android app is… adequate. That’s around the ideal that deserve to be claimed for it. The default messaging application does the task of sending out bits of written text back and forth in between you and your friends, but… that doesn’t perform really well. If Steve jobs has ever before taught united state anything, it’s the user interface is hugely important. The stock messenger is decent, yet its UI is a little lacking.Enter go SMS Pro. I offered to it is in an avowed fan of Handcent SMS, yet thought of offering Go SMS a try. Thankfully, go SMS is a workable replacement. In fact, it’s an ext than workable. Go SMS agree is a spectacular messaging application that isn’t simply a much more shiny variation of the stock messenger, it’s among the best designed applications I’ve ever seen.

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Though the name of the application is walk SMS ‘Pro’, like other Go Apps, that is complimentary and easily accessible for download in Android Market.

Introducing walk SMS Pro

This is one app where the title is certain representative of the app’s quality. Walk SMS is essentially the Pro variation of text messaging. Every little thing that ever before irritated or frustrated me about the share messaging application is polished away come a beautiful elegance.That’s the one attribute that was standing out many – the user interface. Everything in go SMS pro is colorful and easy ~ above the eyes. Android together a entirety doesn’t pay enough attention to the UI in my opinion, but Go SMS thankfully bucks that trend.
Everything is super easy to use. You can organize her conversations by date, i m sorry is the usual method. A pair alternate techniques are also offered by method of filters, favorites, and private messages. If you nothing feel the your messages through a details person space anyone’s business, climate you can move those messages to a unique password defended folder.Even the setup is very easy to use. Upon starting the app for the very first time, go SMS will help you out v a nifty setup wizard. It differentiates in between users who want the basic texting abilities and also those that want accessibility to every the features. I very recommend picking pro mode, the extra attributes are nice awesome.

Texting in go SMS Pro

The actual texting in this app is superb as well. Go SMS thankfully has actually the attributes to earlier up its good looks. Those attributes come as soon as you enable Pro mode. Unexpectedly the choice to simply tap the end a post on a virtual keyboard mushrooms into a totality spectrum of methods to communicate.For those who are fond of smileys, walk SMS comes through a huge number the reaction encounters preloaded into the app itself. If you really that fond that smileys and also emoticons, there room always much more to download.Word texting works, too. That would certainly be kind of azer if that didn’t. Go SMS doesn’t come with a special keyboard, just whatever you have installed. Swiftkey X functions nicely here, but that’s a different app.Of course, lock say the a picture is precious a thousands words. Sometimes one good picture have the right to express what one essay (or really long text) can’t. Go SMS has alternatives to quickly look with your conserved pictures and attach one come the message.Alternatively, there’s the alternative to take a photo right there. If you check out something funny and also want come share it through a friend, this would be a pretty easy means to take a fast pic and also send it come them.The same features go for video and audio. You can connect videos and also audio clips from your SD map or record them top top the spot. The best component is that these choices are best there in former of you. No leaving the app, going come camera, saving the picture, and also going back. Simply snap (or record) it ideal there from walk SMS.An even cooler feature comes as soon as you insanity the little paintbrush icon. Walk SMS agree actually has a attribute where you deserve to write her messages by drawing the letter on the screen. That’s right, you can actually text a handwritten note.Added to that is the Doodle section. Periodically you simply want come send a friend her doodle masterpiece, nevertheless of how good it can actually be. The doodle editor isn’t precisely Photoshop (or also MS Paint, for that matter), yet it’s got an cancel button. That a doodle, it won’t get too detailed.For those Android owners v Siri envy, over there is the voice recorder. Just tap the tiny microphone icon and also Go SMS agree will shot its darndest to interpret your mutterings right into a message. The translate into is workable, but I wouldn’t usage it simply due to the fact that I feeling stupid talking to my phone. Yet that’s an individual preference.

Extra Features

Good god, the list of go SMS Pro’s extra functions reads choose a list of what I’d want in the ideal texting app. Themes, article filters, security locks, reserved texts, and also batch messages every come with the app, no charge required.The themes are particularly cool. Ns really favored the default Skype-esque theme that was heavy on blue and fluffy clouds, however there room plenty of other graphical choices for cloud haters. The application comes through a couple of themes integrated but the genuine stuff is discovered under the downloads.There space a pair of premium themes easily accessible in the app Store from the walk SMS agree team themselves. The themes space pretty well designed and usually stick with a seasonal aesthetic (right now there’s a winter and Halloween theme). I’m not certain the themes are worth buying, yet I’d perform it simply to prize the breakthrough team behind go SMS Pro just for doing such a an excellent job on your app.Still, if you’re not willing to covering out because that themes there’s always the DIY section. Fellow Go SMS agree users have the right to upload their very own themes for other world to download, cost-free of charge. This themes aren’t fairly as good, but they’re still worth a look.

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Perhaps mine favorite function of walk SMS pro is conserved for last. The creators that the app (saints, every among them) removed just around every obstacle between your app and the widest audience possible. Walk SMS agree is totally free.As one more nice touch, over there is a plethora of language packs available in the Android Market that work with walk SMS. This is a helpful addition for civilization who understandably would want to use their phone call in their aboriginal language fairly than the default English.The bottom line is the Go SMS Pro can be offered by just about anyone. Due to the fact that it’s complimentary and accessible in a ton that languages, there’s really no excuse because that not having it. Walk download the app, it’s worth it.

Download The app from Android Market:

Download go SMS pro from Android Market

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