(Spoiler alert: Please execute not check out on if friend haven’t watched Wednesday’s illustration of “American horror Story: Roanoke”)

So, yeah, that happened. All of it. Somehow.

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The finale the “American fear Story: Roanoke” covered a the majority of ground, jumping everywhere the place. First, there to be yet an additional show-within-the-show, a documentary series called “Crack’d” around what happened with Lee (Adina Porter) after she was the lone survivor that the second season of the vault “Roanoke” meta-show. She was tried for every those killing she committed, and acquitted in spite of testimony from she daughter Flora (remember her?)

Then we obtained the 2nd show-within-a-show that the evening, v Lana winters (Sarah Paulson, in she third function this season) indigenous “American horror Story: Asylum” interviewing Lee live on her TV show. The interview to be then interrupted by lone survivor the the redneck family that had tortured Lee — he was trying to death her, but Lana preserved him talking long enough for cops to shoot him.

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Then we gained show-within-a-show No. 3, a ghost hunters series in which a trio that chasers (including an appearance by Emma Bell) walk to the residence with the actor who had played Cricket, whereby they conference Lee who is looking for her again-disappeared daughter Flora. However it’s the blood moon, and also the ghosts kill them in ~ minutes that their advent — they don’t even make it come the first commercial rest after your segment begins.

Then, finally, we acquire the climax of the season, with Lee trying to speak Flora the end of killing herself so she can safeguard her ghost buddy indigenous the leader the the ghosts. Lee death herself instead. And the season ended.

The traditional reaction to every this on social media was part approximation of “wait, what?” It to be a totality lot to take in during a solitary episode.

Needless to say, Twitter had actually a lot to say about it.

A display w/in a show, w/in an enigma w/in a reenactment, w/in a reunion show, success a where space they now. #AHSRoanoke you damaged my brain

— O.S.D. (
dsweeney247) November 17, 2016

Here’s exactly how a bunch of rather reacted to that hour of madness:

The \"?6\" #AHS hype renders sense now due to the fact that they didn't even know what that was about #AHSRoanoke

p_soni11) November 17, 2016

lee: * i eliminated daddy *flora: she eliminated daddyverdict: no GUILTY lee: #AHSRoanoke pic.twitter.com/PSaoydKmia

lanawintexrs) November 17, 2016

It went from AHS Ronaoke come AHS mine Roanoke Nightmare climate Crack'd … Ryan Murphy u can't comprise your mind #AHSRoanoke pic.twitter.com/VjF4jXXhJX

— ….. (
huvids) November 17, 2016

Oh yes please, #AHSRoanoke, show me that bloody ear going into the pickle seasoned ONE. MORE. TIME.

— Kat Rosenfield (
katrosenfield) November 17, 2016

I am so worn down of human being going earlier to this godforsaken place throughout the time of the blood moon #AHS #AHSRoanoke

— star wars trash (
alright_aiden) November 17, 2016

When cricket die for the second time #ahsroanoke #ahs6 pic.twitter.com/yL5lRIlUB7

letzcommitsinz) November 17, 2016

ITS POPPING off LEFT and also RIGHT #AHSRoanoke pic.twitter.com/3kR0c7BUIX

indie_gogo) November 17, 2016

Me once i heard Priscilla laugh #AHSRoanoke pic.twitter.com/hXcRnvD8Rm

— Cree (
CookiesandCREE) November 17, 2016

how many tv mirrors are ~ above ahs this season #AHSRoanoke pic.twitter.com/mjMKYiMtuO

— el (
lanawintexrs) November 17, 2016

So the lone survivor…….was FLORA an UNGRATEFUL son WHOS just FRIEND to be A DEAD GIRL??? #AHSRoanoke pic.twitter.com/9S4kR3MxKd

— T A J (
TaylorDTTT) November 17, 2016

girl how are u gonna let your mom kill herself bc u desire your ghost friend to it is in happy like bye kind out your concerns #AHSRoanoke

ElisaSalierg87) November 17, 2016

Lee literally died for her daughter and also is currently stuck with a bunch of ghosts forever yet my mom won’t even give me $5 #AHSRoanoke

— Neha (
FSociety25) November 17, 2016

A couple of weeks earlier we speculated on who the lone survivor might be — and you can see just how close us were in the gallery below.


Sidney -- 1 percent: The scumbag producer that \"My Roanoke Nightmare\" and \"Return to Roanoke: 3 work In Hell\" is pretty much designed to it is in a hate sink for the audience. There most likely isn\"t a single viewer that doesn\"t desire to watch Sid obtain punished because that his smug manipulation the others and his finish disregard because that their well-being. We expect him to one of two people be among the last to get offed in episode 9 or to walk in episode 8 so the whoever\"s left has to survive there is no the production crew.Cause of death: killed by Agnes in ~ the start of illustration 7


Dominic -- 5 percent:Like Sid, Cuba Gooding, Jr.\"s character hasn\"t occurred much beyond being a womanizing bad boy who slept through Shelby for kicks. That doesn\"t provide him a great chance of gift a survivor. Given how much Matt and Shelby hate him, we mean him come go at an early stage to plant seed of strife and suspicion among the group that one of them is responsible because that the deaths.


Monet -- 20 percent: aside from a good showdown v Lee around how she depicted her on the show and also how they are both alcoholics, not lot was revealed about who Monet is. Probably we\"ll view some surprise depths of toughness and also survival in her together the body count ramps up, yet she hasn\"t proven to be that necessary to the story.


Matt -- 57 percent: The survivor is most likely to be one of the Roanoke Trio, due to the fact that they have gone to the core of the story. The them, Matt is the many mysterious for this reason far, as his motive because that coming ago isn\"t clear and also he appears consigned to his fate. Yet remember just how he talked about Scathach and the \"connection\" they had actually with together fondness? probably he has actually some transaction to sacrifice the others to her and the Butcher in exchange for winning she favor. Or possibly he\"ll finish up sacrificing himself because he wants to invest an eternity through her.Cause of death: eliminated by a jealous Shelby ~ revealing he came back to be with Scathach.

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Shelby -- 75 percent: She\"s soft-spoken, do the efforts to be polite, simply wants to acquire her life back, and is quiet alive regardless of having the survive instinct that a teen taking Ambien in a \"Nightmare on Elm Street\" film when she was an initial in Roanoke. Yet Shelby comes back with much more determination come fight for regulate of her life, and that way there\"s a good chance that she will be the last Girl of \"AHS Roanoke.\" 

Of course, us should likewise note the there\"s a opportunity that the \"Return come Roanoke\" survivor won\"t still be alive once the book is closed on this season. Murphy has actually revealed the the season finale will change the show\"s framing maker again and be one more thing every on that own. Might the finale present the survivor attempt -- and possibly fail -- to move on indigenous escaping a second bloody near-death experience? previous AHS seasons prefer \"Freak Show\" have finished with every the significant characters dead. The same can happen here.

Creator Ryan Murphy says only one human being in the cast will survive ”Return come Roanoke,“ here’s who we think that will certainly be

The second fifty percent of \"American fear Story Roanoke\" is currently underway, and things are around to get an extremely ugly. Matt, Shelby and Lee are back on The Butcher\"s land v the \"My Roanoke Nightmare\" actors that played them because that a stupid reality show, and the display has revealed the all however one of them will die horribly. Evan Peters\" Rory has currently found himself on the company end of a knife, therefore what are the chances on the others\" hope for survival. Let\"s location them, candlestick we?