How to obtain to Kodiak Wilderness Adventures top top Kodiak Island, Alaska

We have actually had numerous requests to write-up information around getting to Kodiak and also our pick up and departure times. Civilization want come know about booking their flight times into and out that Kodiak.

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When booking her flights into Anchorage, you have actually the choice to select many carriers. Most significant airlines fly into Anchorage. Many of ours guests select to attach with Alaska Airlines due to the fact that of its day-to-day service between Anchorage and also Kodiak.

The very first flight every morning arrives right into Kodiak in ~ 7:00 am and also other flights come periodically transparent the rest of the day until late evening. Alaska waiting is additionally a companion with Ravn Alaska air which has actually 4 to 5 daily flights native Anchorage into Kodiak. The flight times from Anchorage to Kodiak vary from 50 minute on the Alaska airlines Boeing 737 to just over an hour on the Ravn air DeHavilland Dash 8 turbo prop aircraft.

Although the Ravn air turbo prop planes space smaller and also traveling on them is less comfortable than travel aboard one Alaska airlines 737, castle are enabled to run at lesser minimum weather clearances than the larger jets and also will do it in and also out that the Kodiak State plane with better frequency. Therefore we encourage our guests to use Ravn Air fairly than Alaska airlines for at the very least the leave leg of her travel.

Our scheduled arrival and also departure days are showing up between 4-6 afternoon on Wednesdays and departing ago to Kodiak through 9 am on Tuesdays. If you are with united state for a much shorter stay (4 days/5 nights) the come day choose up time is the same but departure would be at 9 am on Mondays. We have scheduled this in and out days come take benefit of as numerous open fishing days for Halibut together possible.

Some folks favor to arrive a day ahead of the start of the fishing trip and explore Anchorage for a night or fly on under to Kodiak and spend a night there. We encourage guests to do this for a couple of reasons. First, for weather associated delays ( FOG or WIND ) and secondly to gain yourself an excellent and rested prior to you begin catching big numbers of large fish!

Important to keep in mind is that we cannot choose you up or take you ago to Kodiak early on in the morning which method please do not book very early morning (9 to be or earlier) flight into or out of Kodiak (unless you are planning to spend the night in Kodiak). These include really early morning pick-ups or departures. Our lodge is located around an hour to an hour and a half travel time via our fishing boat and also vehicle native the Kodiak plane or a 15-minute flight from ours airstrip below in port Lions to the Kodiak Airport.

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Many of our guests have commented the the pilgrimage to our lodge in harbor Lions is the perfect start to one Alaskan Adventure due to the fact that of the views and also marine life seen on the method when travel by boat to the lodge. Take trip to the lodge by aircraft and see the remarkable snow-covered hill peaks and incredible views of the waters you’ll be fishing. One of two people way, you’ll want your camera handy follow me the course for some an excellent photo opportunities. We speak to these “Kodiak Moments.”

We hope that your plans to visit Kodiak Island are made a small easier with this information. We are always easily accessible to aid our guests through a local’s perspective.