In the opening of Fire Emblem: three Houses, you'll be posed a bunch that questions very quickly. Long-time series fans know straightforward questions can sometimes have big repercussions - yet what around these opening questions in 3 Houses? A an option between ghost, demon, or mortal is sure to make any kind of player suspiciously - and also birthdays have a history of having actually an affect in this series. So. Allow united state to explain.

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The latest entry in Nintendo's beloved strategy RPG series sticks with legacy in that it poses friend a bunch of concerns that can adjust your story frequently - so much so that we've placed together a critical Fire Emblem three Houses selection and repercussion guide. One set of inquiries players get an especially hung increase on is the opening, however - therefore we're right here to clear the up.

You see, Fire Emblem games frequently have some significant tweaks covert behind the opened choices. A selection between common or hard and also casual or standard modes is one thing, however an story dialogue selections could cause a story adjust later ~ above or a stat boost might be tied come it, and there's a couple of of these in the opened courtesy of Sothis.

As such, part players want to recognize what they're choosing. V that noted, let's failure the conversation through Sothis from the game's opening...


Ghost, Demon or Mortal? What come say come Sothis in Fire Emblem 3 Houses

At the an extremely start of Fire Emblem Three homes you'll find yourself in a dark void with Sothis, a mysterious green-haired girl who desires to pepper you with questions. Collection veterans will know questions choose this deserve to sometimes have an influence on the video game - so it's no surprised the selection has part heading straight to the internet. 

Very early in her conversation, Sothis asks the following: "I have not checked out the likes of girlfriend before. Who space you, anyway?" You deserve to answer the complying with ways:

I'm a ghost.I'm a demon.I'm mortal.

Unsurprisingly, fans desire to understand what they're obtaining themselves right into with this choice. Well, the answer is rather boring: nothing. Your selection between ghost, demon, or mortal has no effect. In fact, Sothis simply scalds you if you choose anything but mortal. 

So this is one an option that isn't like various other games and doesn't have actually a large effect. One selection in the early on game setup does have actually a little impact, however: your birthday.


Fire Emblem Three residences Birthday: what the protagonist and also Sothis' birthday does

Once you've preferred your form, a selection between the male or female designs the protagonist Byleth, you'll likewise be asked to set a birthday. In part Fire Emblem gamings this results stats - so in one video game it provides you a passive affinity that has actually an influence on how specific battle interaction pan out.

In Fire Emblem Three houses there is a stat reward based upon your preferred birthday, yet it's based on an accessory.

Basically, when you collection your birthday it won't have any kind of immediate effect. Yet when the birthday rolls around, your residence leader (Edelgard, Claude or Dimitri relying on your choice of house) will give you a birthday existing - this current will be an item that gives a slim stat boost. Note this present is given instantly as the calendar sifts through days. You carry out not should talk come your home leader.

From Dimitri you will obtain the Blue Lions Brooch, because that instance, which sponsor +2 to your CHA stat. 

From Claude, you acquire the golden Deer Bracelet, additionally +2 CHA.

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From Edelgard, you get the black color Eagle Pendant, also +2 CHA

Basically: her birthday isn't practically as necessary this time around, but players wishing to min/max the game may wish to set their birthday earlier rather than later so lock can get their hands on the gift quickly.