Here at FR Bumper Solutions, we constantly strive for complete transparency. We explain our work before we start, therefore you deserve to have tranquility of mental and constantly be totally informed top top the standing of your vehicle. Denver vehicle drivers deserve to know specifically how their auto is gift repaired, so we’ve taken the liberty that explaining the difference between the bumper and also fender dent repair processes.

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Bumper Dent Repair

Many people think that bumpers and fenders are the same part of the car. In actuality, the bumper is a plastic component that covers the front and earlier of your vehicle, if the fender is a steel structure that frames the wheel well. The bulk of the repair we perform are bumper repairs. The bumper is expected to minimize physical damages to the front and also rear of your car and also absorb shock from any type of impacts. Once your bumper is damaged and its structure integrity is compromised, that puts you at increased risk because that injury and extensive auto damage in any future collisions. It is why it’s constantly imperative that you repair her bumper when damages occurs.

The very first step come bumper repair is clean the damaged area and also removing any kind of debris or dust. We might need come detach the damaged panel in details circumstances. Us then treat the dent with a committed heat device until the dent starts to go back to its initial shape. When we have actually re-formed the bumper, we will wait because that the area come cool and also apply a body filler if necessary. Us then sand it down to produce a smooth, untextured surface for the repaint primer. When the paint primer is applied and dried, us then usage PPG repaint to paint the area and seamlessly mix it into your initial paint job. Us then end up the task with a glossy, clear protective coat the will preserve the newly-applied paint.

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Fender Dent Repair

The fender is the metal structure the extends between your former door and your prior bumper, providing important protection for her front wheels. If your fender has been damaged, friend should have actually it repaired best away come ensure that you further damage your tires or car body when you’re ~ above the road. During the repair process, we’ll start by remove the repaint from the dent. Us then usage a stud welder dent-pulling system to perform a hole-free dent repair the doesn’t undermine the panel and requires much less filler than other methods. Making use of the welder, we develop a pattern within the indentation which permits us come pull out the dent and reshape the fender right into its original form. As soon as the studs are aligned, we usage a slide hammer to traction the studs right into the fender’s initial placement. Fine then remove the studs, to fill in the staying area, and also sand it down if necessary. Us then prime, paint, and clear coat the area similarly to the bumper fix process. 

If you’ve received bumper or fender damage while steering in Denver and you need a convenient and also high-quality repair service, revolve to FR Bumper Solutions. Our mobile auto repair company makes the repair process hassle-free and more affordable than ever before before. We’ll travel to where you are and also restore your vehicle to like-new condition in simply a issue of hours. To uncover out an ext or obtain a complimentary estimate on your damage, give us a call today in ~ (720) 222-5044.