We are expecting a baby girl on Feb 14th and would certainly prefer to name her after my younger brvarious other Matthew (Mattie), that sadly passed ameans two years earlier. I recognize he has sent out her to us as a gift and that he is taking special treatment of her in there, so I would certainly choose her to share his name.

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Aside from Mattalyn, Mattiboy or Mattea are tright here any type of other names you have the right to think of that could honour his name?

Thanking you in breakthrough xx


This may be a stretch for you, yet we called my daughter Madeline after my husband also Matt. Ive always dubbed him "Mattie" as a pet name. We intfinished to call Madeline by the nickname Maddie, yet Madeline simply stuck much better.

Firstly, so sorry for your loss.

For me, utilizing a derivative of Matthew would certainly be as well much for me. I can"t imagine making use of Mattie.

Matthew means "gift from God," so perhaps you might use a female name that has the exact same interpretation. A few are




Following the interpretation of the name, gift of God, Thea or Theodora or Dorothy are feminine equivalents.

Mattea is a name we considered for our daughter. I think it"s the feminine version of Matteo, the Italian form of Matthew. Pronounced mah-TAY-ah.

I am sorry for your loss but no doubt your Brvarious other is watching over your Little Girl! I agree with one of the posters that you have the right to do Mattea. Matteo is a variation of Matthew and that might be a very nice alternative if you like. However, we don"t pronounce it With THY we would certainly pronounce it MaTEa not MaTHYa. It"s a really nice option :) we"re naming our boy Matias/Mathias lol having actually some trouble regarding exactly how we desire to spell it.

I think this is so lovely, and I"m so sorry for your loss. I think Mattie is cute, but If you choose it or somepoint really comparable I would suggest having actually a conversation through your parents about it. I"m certain they would feel honored by it, however it might additionally be too a lot emotionally.


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