Life can at times imitate art, so as soon as soap opera actors start dating, audiences tend to swoon. Gibbs can fall in love on the collection or merely hook up in ~ daytime drama functions. While there space some real-life soap opera relationships that can last the lengthy haul, others sometimes finish in disaster. Below are the 12 most terrible real-life soap opera breakups.

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12. Jon Lindstrom and also Eileen Davidson

Back in their heyday, Eileen and also Jon to be daytime drama darlings, hitting the red carpet together at plenty of soap opera functions. The two were married in 1997 and seemed quite happy till they divorced in 2000. Interesting way enough, Eileen would be presented to Vincent Van pattern in 2000 as soon as he showed up on the soap she is on, the Young and the Restless (Y&R). The two became friends, together both were married at the time, and also would dive into a relationship when their divorces to be official. Valve Pattern and Davidson would certainly marry in April 2003 and have been happy since.



9. John-Paul Lavoisier and also Farah Fath

These 2 met top top the set of One Life to Life (OLTL) and embarked ~ above a relationship from 2008 to 2012. So, why walk they break up? follow to Lavoisier, once OLTL to be canceled, the couple moved the end to LA and also he had actually a difficult time dealing with all the change. Gift in a dark place, Farah, unfortunately, can not resolve his depression and ended increase leaving him 5 months later.


8. Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer

GH’s Ned Ashton and also Lois Cerullo made among the coolest couples top top the display in the late ‘90s. As that storyline progress, love would additionally blossom for the actors who played the duo. Wally and Rena would obtain married in 1995 and also while they go reportedly shot to occupational things out before they went their different ways, their wedded bliss would finish in divorce by 1997. The good news is the the marriage caused one beautiful daughter, Rosabel Rosalind Kurth, which the 2 still co-parent unique to this day.


7. Tyler Christopher and also Natalia Livingston

There is just something in the GH water; onscreen couples seem to hook increase in real-life ~ above the set! Such to be the situation when Tyler (ex-Nikolas Cassadine) and Natalia (ex-Emily Quartermaine), who determined to take it a opportunity on love. Nikolas and Emily to be a bona fide GH super pair and the chemistry appeared to spill external storylines in 2004 as soon as these two began dating. It was reported that Tyler to buy Natalia a Yorkshire puppy because that Christmas one year, and while lock announced a breakup in 2005, these 2 would shot at it one an ext time in the spring of 2006. Sadly, the 2nd go-around no a success and also they damaged up for good in 2007.


6. Justin Hartley and Lindsay Korman

Most pan of the This Is Us star understand that Justin Hartley gained his start in acting v soaps. He started dating other Passions colleague Lindsay Korman in 2003 and the 2 would get hitched around a year later in might 2004. A few months after that the 2 welcomed a infant girl right into the world and also became a little family. If they delighted in a vows regeneration ceremony in ~ one suggest during their marriage, in might 2012, the couple filed because that divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”


5. Tyler Christopher and also Vanessa Marcil

Tyler seems to be all over the board once it involves onset romances. If Nikolas and Brenda (played by Vanessa) never had actually a bona fide relationship, Marcil and also Christopher certain did. The 2 hooked up in 1997 and would rest up around 1999. Vanessa would begin dating other Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Brian Austin eco-friendly shortly after.


4. Brandon Barash and also Kirsten Storms

These 2 GH stars retained their romantic under wraps until they revealed to People magazine in respectable 2013 the they had gained married (on the under low) that past June and also were expecting a infant in early 2014. On January 7th of the year, their daughter Harper increased was born and also then 2 years later, the pair would call it quits. The silver- lining in this terrible breakup is the reality that they have functioned hard come amicably co-parent small Harper, and you have the right to see the incredible task they are doing via both of their social media accounts.


3. Thad Luckinbill and also Amelia Heine

Much like countless other couples top top this list, Amelia and also Thad adhered to in the footsteps of your Y&R personalities Victoria Newman and J.T. Hellstrom and also got hitched in march 2007. The couple would have actually a son and also daughter together and also seemed come be living the soap opera couple dream, until the Thad filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” in 2017.


2. Kyle Lowder and also Arianne Zucker

Meeting on Days of Our resides (DOOL), the two hit the off and got married in 2002. Things started to take a revolve for the worse after five years of marriage, and also Kyle and Ari made decision to different in the summer of 2007. Still, the pair would to provide it another go in 2008, and would welcome a daughter right into this people some months later in 2009. Sadly, five years later on the pair would announce your divorce in 2014.


1. Jack and also Kristina Wagner

Back in the so late 1980s and early 1990s there simply was no enlarge super pair than Frisco and also Felicia Jones. The chemistry these two had actually lit increase daytime screens on GH and it was no shocker as soon as fans uncovered out the the two actors playing these functions were dating in real life. Jack and Kristina would get married in so late 1993; however, years later on in 2001 the 2 would file for divorce. Mirroring the soap opera storylines from their show, Kristina and also Jack would try and job-related out their problems two years later, officially reconciling in 2004. Sadly, they filed for divorce when again in 2005.

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