Family Time complies with the stays of the Stallworth family members who relocated to the suburbs after hitting the lottery. High institution sweethearts Tony (Omar Gooding) and Lisa (Angell Conwell) lovingly quarrel with each other and also their mischievous children, Devin and Ebony, together they consist of their own rules for love, marriage and family along the way.

Omar Gooding

Omar Gooding broke into tv as the host of Nickelodeon’s Wild and also Crazy youngsters (1991) and went on come other noteworthy roles in collection such as Deadwood (2006), Barbershop (2005), Hangin’ through Mr. Cooper (1992) and Smart man (1997). In enhancement to his tv roles, Omar is widely well-known for his attribute film duties in movie such together Ghost Dad (1990) and Baby boy (2001).

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Angell Conwell

Angell Conwell is ideal known because that her duty as Leslie Michaelson on the CBS daytime drama, The Young and the Restless (2010), yet has to be featured in numerous other collection such as 3rd Rock from the sunlight (2000), NYPD Blue (2000), Moesha (2001), that’s So crow (2003), and also The genuine Husbands of Hollywood (2013). Conwell has likewise appeared ~ above the huge screen in together hit movies as Baby young (2001) and also Soul airplane (2004).

Bentley Kyle Evans, Jr.

Bentley Kyle Evans, Jr. Started his expert acting job on the series Love that Girl! (2012), which conveniently led to much more roles on collection such together Fishbowls Are absolutely My thing (2014).

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Jayla Calhoun

Jayla Calhoun has showed up in series such as Love the Girl! (2011) and also Instant mommy (2015) and has been actors in countless television commercials and also promos. In enhancement to her acting career, Jayla is also a talented clothing designer, having launched the youth apparel company, ceo Crew Kids, through her mother and also brothers.

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