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i took this perk ~ above a lark, expecting a subdued Cateyes effect. However no. Over there wasn\"t lot of a difference in between darkness through the perk and also darkness without. Has anyone else take this perk? What type of results have you gotten?A humble request to the dev team because that the following patch: give Friend that the Night some an ext love.

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I\"ve been utilizing it as soon as it works it works good but......It\"s bugged it only works at night time whether within or out quite than at any kind of time relying on light levels as in the discription.If you\"re in a fine lit area the often lowers it.So my pointer would just take it because that role, and also wait about untill night time to usage it properly.
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because the perk\"s summary reads: \"Your eye adapt quickly to low-light conditions\" i assumed I\"d check out a positive effect in subterranean areas. No an extensive difference in light levels. I haven\"t offered it external yet, however it seems a little bit of a rubbish of a perk slot at this point.I don\"t think about myself a power-build player, yet if I get a perk, it should make some sort of a difference.
come be moral I didn\"t see a need for that at all in the vanilla game. Nights are already pretty bright. Now, use the http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34888 mod v the modified girlfriend of the Night perk and you\"ve obtained something useful. The darker nights make everything look lot cooler anyway.

Pipboy light is every I\"ve ever needed to uncover loot in dark corners. The rest is bright enough...and if not, i raise the brightness slider. Yet yeah, ns tried the Perk at an early stage on. Didn\"t make much difference/didn\"t prefer its result so i reloaded and haven\"t touched it since.

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It\"s also based on light levels in the caves, friend will watch no distinction in areas with no to little light.Areas v some irradiate or fauna the sheds a little light will yet show some effect, it\"s also far better than cateye imo.More a herbal feel to it, of food this is just at night inside or out.
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