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Bethesda has operated the past few years v a simple plan: notice a game, then release the game shortly after. That wasn\"t the situation at this year\"s E3, whereby Bethesda revealed advancement is underway on sci-fi game Starfield and teased Elder Scrolls 6. Why the change? Bethesda\"s Todd Howard claims it to be so human being wouldn\"t it is in disappointed.

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\"It\"s much better to speak we\"re make it. It provides life a tiny bit easier for us,\" Howard told Eurogamer in ~ the Gamelab conference in Spain. \" they would be disappointed and also they\"d quiet ask \"What about Starfield?\" and also \"What around Elder Scrolls 6?\" yet it\"s likewise exciting! We\"re excited; we want to re-superstructure it v everybody.\"

Howard also wanted come ensure that in spite of Bethesda\"s leave from its timeless genres through fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls: Blades, the studio\"s bread and also butter wasn\"t going ignored. \"We\"re going to E3 and also showing a new Fallout video game which is really different than we typically do, and also then we\"re walking to present you one Elder Scrolls video game that is an extremely different than we would normally do,\" Howard said. \"And if we leave it just at that, ours fans are like, \"... - room you quiet going to do the points I love?\"\"


There\"s enough detail in this trailer to disclose where Elder Scrolls 6 is setBethesdaWhen pried for details about Elder Scrolls 6, Howard confirmed the team has an area in Tamriel settled on, and also it had been made decision on a if ago. When asked if the incredibly quick teaser released at E3 gives enough clues to figure it where the video game is set, Howard said it is possible. \"I obviously would certainly say yes, however you can\"t - it\"s intentionally... Girlfriend can dominion some things out. And you can preeminence some things in,\" that said.

As because that a fallout 4 harbor on the Nintendo Switch, don\"t obtain as excited. Despite DOOM and also Skyrim do the run to Nintendo\"s recent console, autumn 4 is a various story. \"Well there\"s absolutely interest,\" Howard said in one interview with Gameractor. \"It\"s not something that us are trying out right now.\"

That\"s definitely a bummer, but Bethesda isn\"t done through the Switch simply yet. \"We think move is a good platform - it to be the first time us really worked carefully with Nintendo on Skyrim - and also really, really great experience and also we\"ll definitely be doing an ext things over there in the future, yet right currently it\"s no a mainline fallout 4,\" Howard said.

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So what perform you think? room you sad to recognize autumn 4 isn\"t in the cards for the Switch any time soon? will certainly you go ago to that trailer come find much more clues around Elder Scrolls 6? let us understand your thoughts in the comments section below.