To send breaks from her camera role as a regular snap, you must download the LMK app.

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On the LMK app, you’ll have the ability to select a photo from her camera roll and send it together a typical snap.

Whenever girlfriend send a snap ~ above Snapchat, you have to take a photo/video top top the spot.

If you were to send a picture from her camera roll, it will be sent out as an in-chat photo instead.

But what if you’re looking to send a photograph or a video clip from your camera roll as a regular snap?

Maybe someone is requesting to view a snap of you yet you’re busy.

Or maybe you’re spring to continue a streak through someone there is no actually acquisition a photo/video.

Fortunately, over there is a legitimate way to do this without any black borders, filters, or watermarks.

Below space 8 quick steps come send snaps from her camera role as a normal snap.

1. Select a photograph from your camera roll


Once you’ve selected the photo or video from your camera role that you want to send as a normal snap, you need to edit the photo.

Tap on organize down the photograph for 3 seconds, pick “Edit Photo”, and then save it.

This will eliminate the two black bars ~ above the photo.

To edit the photo, tap and hold the photograph for 3 seconds.

Then, a navigation menu will open up with 5 different options—Export Photo, Delete Photo, My eye Only, edit Photo, and also Send Photo.

The alternative that you’ll desire to be selecting is “Edit Photo”.

After you’ve selected “Edit Photo”, you’ll land on the modifying screen.

On the editing and enhancing screen, you’ll see 2 black bars on the photo—one top top the top, and also one top top the bottom.

The reason for editing the photo is come remove the black bars.

If friend don’t modify the photo, sending out the photograph as a snap will contain the 2 black bars i beg your pardon don’t it seems ~ real.

Next, tap top top the “Share” symbol at the bottom left of her screen.

Lastly, tap top top “Save image” to conserve the picture to your camera roll.

This will certainly make it seem favor you take it the photo from Snapchat and not her phone’s camera.

3. Download the LMK app


After you’ve logged in, tap ~ above the “+” icon.

Tap ~ above the “+” icon > select the “Post” section.

Once friend tapped on the “+” icon, you desire to pick the “Post” section”.

At times, you’ll floor on a random section (e.g. Poll, Compare).

The ar that you’ll be making use of is the “Post” section.

This is wherein you have the right to send a picture or a video clip from her camera roll as a typical snap.

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Select “Post” come upload a photo/video from her camera role to the app.