Follow the instructions below:

This error is usually brought about by a Battleye service, which enables other programs to read and also write various deeper level facets of your operation system.

You are watching: Failed to initialize battleye service: generic error.

First, make sure that Fortnite and the Epic games launcher space not running in the background.

You can leave out of your Epic games launcher in your system tray, or simply finish the processes still running in the lift in your task manager.

File Explorer

Open up your file explorer and navigate to the journey on i m sorry you saved Fortnite and also the Epic gamings launcher on.

Navigate to: Program documents > Fortnite > FortniteGame > Binaries > Win64 > BattlEye


In your BattlEye folder, double-click the Uninstall_BattlEye home windows Batch File, which will take a 2nd to uninstall BattlEye.

Next, go earlier to the Win64 folder and also right-click the FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping application and select Properties.


In the application’s properties, navigate come the “Compatibility” tab and:

Select to “Run this regime in compatibility mode for:” windows 7

Select to “Run this regime as one administrator”

Apply your changes


Verify verity of game Files

Re-Open her Epic gamings launcher and also navigate to your library

Select the burger-menu for Fortnite

Select Verify, which will certainly take a minute to re-download any missing or corrupted game files to her system


Anti-Virus & windows Defender

In case the difficulty persists, friend will need to whitelist Fortnite and BattlEye in your Anti-Virus program and also for windows Defender

Search because that “Firewall” to open up the Firewall & network protection system settings

Select “Allow an application through firewall”


On the new window, choose Change Settings

Click top top Allow another app

On the following window, select Browse in order to exclude Fortnite and BattlEye from your windows Defender Firewall

Your record explorer will open up, whereby you will have to pick the journey on i m sorry you saved the game on, and also then navigate to:

Program documents > Fortnite > FortniteGame> Binaries > Win64 > BattlEye

Select the “BEServicex64” application and click on “Open”

Lastly, make sure to uncheck the “BEServicex64” application and select “Ok”.

See more: You Attempted To Open A Database That Is Already Opened By User

Delete short-lived files

As a critical step, I indicate deleting your short-term files.

Search for %temp% and also hit enter

A folder will open up up, which will certainly contain every one of your temporary files, saved by your programs and should it is in deleted

You can safely delete all of the documents in that folder

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