The ‘Failed to download file’ error on Minecraft occurs if your system’s firewall is hindering the operation of Minecraft. Moreover, a corrupt Minecraft paper or mods may likewise cause the issue at hand. This occurs when a user launches the Minecraft Launcher however encounters the following form of blog post ( this also occurs sometimes after a mod installation):

Failed to download file, the file contents different from what to be expected.Name: jopt-simple-4.5.jarURL: top top disk: jopt-simple-4.5.jarPath: C:UserslucasAppDataRoaming.minecraftlibraries etsfjopt-simplejopt-simple4.5jopt-simple-4.5.jarExists: File

Open the Roaming application Data Folder with RunNow open the .Minecraft directory and double-click top top the Mods folder.

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Open the mods Folder in Minecraft DirectoryThen copy the mode to another location and delete them native the Mods folder.Now open up the Minecraft Launcher and also check if it is working fine.If so, climate exit the and additionally close it from the device tray.Then copy one of the mods to the Mods folder and also open the Minecraft launcher to inspect if it is functioning fine.If so, then, one by one, copy the mods earlier to the Mods folder it rotates you uncover the problem mod. When found, either upgrade it (if possible), otherwise, contact the mode developer to solve the issue.

Manually Download the file and location it in the Minecraft Directory

As the launcher stops working to instantly download the paper and update it in the directory, manually act the same might do the trick. Prior to moving on, make certain to copy the error article to a text document and then departure the Minecraft launcher.

Now launch a internet browser (e.g., Chrome) and also paste the copied attend to in the resolve bar of the browser.Then allow the file download and afterward copy it.Now right-click ~ above the Windows button and select File Explorer.
Open paper Explorer indigenous the Quick access MenuThen steer come the address given in the error blog post (except the paper name at the end of the address) e.g., the following address:

C:Users\%username%AppDataRoaming.minecraftlibraries etsfjopt-simplejopt-simple4.5Now delete the file (the record name composed at the finish of the deal with in the error message) favor jopt-simple-4.5.jar.

File come Download, attend to to location the File, and The paper to be DeletedThen confirm come delete the document (if inquiry to) and afterward, paste the file copied at action 3.Now open up the Minecraft launcher and also check if the download record issue is resolved.If the did no work, then inspect if unzipping the download file and also placing the in the path mentioned in step 5 solves the issue.If you space using a non-Vanilla launcher, climate after placing the downloaded file, launch the Vanilla launcher and hit Play. When you space on the Create game screen, exit the launcher and use the other launcher to inspect if the issue is resolved.If you room using Twitch through the Vanilla launcher, then you may need to replace the record in the Documents catalog as well. Firstly, navigate come the following address:

C:Users\%usernameDocumentsCurseMinecraftInstalllibraries etjavadevjnajnaThen open up the version number folder e.g., 4.5, and also paste the file (copied at action 3) here. If request to, pick Replace. Afterward, firstly, open the Vanilla launcher and then repeat action 12 to examine if the issue is resolved.

Reinstall the Minecraft Launcher

If the issue persists, then the ‘failed to download file’ worry could be the an outcome of the corruption installation the the Minecraft Launcher, and also reinstalling it may solve the problem.

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Right-click Windows and also select Run.Now execute the complying with (copy-paste the address):

%appdata%Now open the .Minecraft directory and copy the Saves folder come a safe location (in situation you want to save the human beings you have actually been playing).

Copy the saves Folder come the MinecraftThen right-click Windows and also in the food selection shown, choose Apps & Features.Now broaden Minecraft (you deserve to search because that it in the search box) and click ~ above Uninstall.Uninstall MinecraftThen confirm to uninstall the Minecraft and also follow the prompts to complete the uninstall process.Now reboot your PC and also upon reboot, navigate to the following path in Run:%appdata%Delete the Minecraft Folder in the Roaming DirectoryThen delete the .Minecraft folder and also navigate come the following path in Run:AppDataOpen AppData with the operation BoxThen delete every the Minecraft folders native the all three complying with folders:LocalLocalLowRoaming
Delete the Minecraft Folders in Local, Locallow, and also Roaming Folders