11 Reasons Why People Don’t Like or Comment on Your Facebook Posts

For 2 Billion users (and still growing) everywhere the world, Facebook is currently a component of day-to-day life.

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Some human being simply couldn’t live without it. Their day won’t be complete without checking what’s happening on Facebook on their computers and gadgets.

It’s wbelow they acquire their news from family members and also friends and showbiz news and present occasions.

It’s a online place wbelow civilization socialize digital, provided that civilization are actually connecting on specific Facebook articles.

Facebook is also a platform where people write-up about what they’re eating, their latest purchases or latest love interest, and so on And for some, they treat it favor a live journal or a dynamic day-to-day diary of sort, myself contained.

It’s also a crazy online world wright here as well much time is consumed and also eactivities invested over mere digital relationships, often through world that invited you as a Facebook frifinish, yet they’re not commenting nor even liking your Facebook posts leaving you lonely, insecure, or also perplexed.


To come up with this write-up, I recently posted this question on my Facebook wall: “Why would someone invite you on Facebook as friend and not like or comment to any of your write-ups, or sfinish you any type of message considering that your connection?” And I had actually an exciting variety of likes and also comments, and also also emotsymbols and gifs to boot.


Based on my Facebook network’s responses and based on individual experiences, right here are possible factors why civilization are not liking or commenting on your Facebook posts:

No Internet – Yes, you check out it appropriate. Maybe this person who invited you as Facebook friend doesn’t have regular internet access, so he/she couldn’t prefer or discuss your Facebook short articles.Uncomplied with Quickly – Perhaps after you welcomed his/her Facebook frifinish invite, he/she easily unadhered to you after seeing your short articles in his/her newsfeed.Too Many kind of Distractions – There are just too many type of points to watch, perform, and watch on Facebook. Perhaps these people from whom you’re expecting likes or comments are just ordinary distracted to also execute so.Passive Lurkers – Maybe also that they’re simply passively scrolling on their Facebook newsfeed without really responding to anything at all, not just to your write-ups yet to their other contacts also. Maybe they just desire to be entertained and also nopoint even more.Laziness – They’re simply too lazy to also hit “Like” or form a single letter. LOL!Uninterested – Maybe they couldn’t relate to your articles or it doesn’t have actually any emotional appeal for them. Also, perhaps you article as well a lot selfies that it irks them.Numbers game – It’s feasible as well that they just desire to include digital friends and it doesn’t mean that a lot to them as it does to you. Could it be your fault to expect too a lot from them?Selfish Networking – Your Facebook call is maybe not really genuinely interested around you or what you do, and also simply desires to interemainder you in what they’re doing: probably sales, or a cause that they’re really passionate around.Future common benefit – Perhaps they’re thinking they might usage your aid at some point, or they could possibly assist you also ultimately for a joint task or a service.Irritating Facebook notifications – If you’ve been making use of Facebook for fairly a while currently, you recognize that there’s a “Turn off alert for this post” option after you preferred or commented on a Facebook friend’s short article. But then, occasionally, it simply doesn’t freaking work! That even if you’ve already done that, you still keep getting informed by the comments of your friend’s contacts, also if you don’t recognize what they’re actually yakking about. Maybe they don’t want to threat it.Creepy Stalkers – It might be true also that they simply desire to stalk you. Face the fact: the internet is a hideameans location for stalkers, trolls, perverts, and even scammers. Be cautious who you attend to virtual because you can be their following victim.

So let’s carry out a “reality versus expectations” inspect, my frifinish. Manage your expectations. Don’t suppose too a lot from virtual friends, even through household members and offline friends.

At the exact same time, be mindful through your virtual interactions. It can be a crazy world out tbelow in cyberspace. And as constantly, think before you article.

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Adrian is a Certified Life Coach and also Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Writer and Editor, and a seasoned Events Host. He"s a world-course emcee creating fun, memorable, and meaningful occasions. As a public speaker, his mission is to inspire personal advancement so human being might have much better stays via brighter future, against all odds. He is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, an IELTS- and TESOL-certified English Trainer, and also he"s also a prolific Tagalog Tutor.His life story was featured in the printed copy of Kerygma Magazine last July 2018 on their "IT Happened" segment. He has been invited as a guest on radio programs in DZAS, for Jaykid Lo"s "Tayo NaMan" and also on DZME for Ms. Jaemie Quinto"s "Home Buddy". Adrian has already showed up 5 times as a true-to-life drama actor on 700 Club - CBN Asia aired nationwide on GMA 7.He is presently taking his Master in Education, Major in Educational Management at The National Teachers College in Quiapo, Manila.