A year later, we climb to jam again!The Extra game Jam is back, many thanks to the sponsorship of main point Games.

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We’re excited come be back! You’ll have 72 hrs to develop a game from scratch based turn off of a layout we’ll it is in announcing on our twcarolannpeacock.com channel in ~ https://www.twcarolannpeacock.com.tv/extracredits in ~ 12 afternoon PDT, respectable 21.

Then, once the games have to be submitted, members the the EC team and also friends will play a an option of YOURgames top top the twcarolannpeacock.com channel to celebrate!

We’ll also be choose a number of games to include in a games You might Not have actually Tried episode. These games will be chosen for creativity, fun, and also how they use the theme.

Whether that your an initial time do a game or your 1000th, we welcome all skill levels. There room no genre constraints or even a need for the game to it is in digital. Us love see the weird and creative, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Hit the “join the jam” button and also let’s make some gamings together!

Handy Links

Read Our rule & FAQ

Need to uncover a team? join the game Jam discord!

And if you need some advice on just how to jam, check out our playlist here


This year, Extra video game Jam submissions developed on the main point will have a unique, rewarding challenge. Core gamings will be providing $1.5k in prizes for games made on the platform.

Core is a new, cost-free platform because that creating and also playing games. With an unlimited universe of gamings to play and also worlds to explore designed through a worldwide community of creators; that a radically available game building and construction kit and game-playing platform, all in one.

To acquire started experimenting Core, download the HERE.

Unsure of whereby to start? we recommend discovering the Complete advent to the core Editor, or this Youtube playlist with videos including: “How to do a multiplayer video game in 10 minutes.”

Come hang out with Extra Credits and Core because that a 2-hour Twcarolannpeacock.com present displaying just how fast and easy that is to create a multiplayer 3D shooter in Core. Join us top top the Extra Credits Twcarolannpeacock.com channel on respectable 20 in ~ 10am PDT!

And to present how basic it is to develop 3D human beings in Core, this is a video of a fantasy lock being created in a couple of minutes using Core :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0cTBKeygOo

More questions? Be sure to join the #extra-cred-jam-discussion channel in the main point Discord server here.

Q: go this average I have to make a game in core to take part in the jam?

A: no at all! This category is gift generously detailed by the Core games team, yet there space other obstacles to participate in, and challenges are 100% optional. The only thing you require for her jam come be effective is to have actually a playable game by 12pm PDT, august 24th.




The Extra Credits Challenges

- Extra Multiplayer (Core Challenge)-

Creating an virtual multiplayer video game has never been simpler with Core! Entries which use Core are instantly multiplayer, and also are thus eligible because that this category. Along with the recognition in one Extra Credits video, her Core development gets you the chance to join our payouts regimen with various other top core creators, and also the adhering to prizes:

1st: $1,000

2nd: $400

3rd: $100

-Extra chronicler -

We acquire a many questions around how Extra Credits & Extra background possibly fit together, but history can it is in a rich resource of an imaginative inspiration. Here's a an obstacle to include something discovered in one of our history series in her game. That might be a character, a place, or one event. It deserve to be the focus of the game, or just a rapid easter egg. Have fun v it!

- Extra street -

Social distancing is crucial & necessary, and also can periodically feel like playing a video game on it's very own (avoiding joggers ~ above the sidewalk, trying to decide if a grocery aisle is too crowded, etc.) This difficulty is to produce a video game where personalities or players can't enter within a particular distance from every other.

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- Extra Translation-

Games room no stranger to fantasy languages however sometimes castle can acquire bonkers. Native Simlish to Thu'um come Animalese, to whatever you're designing. This an obstacle is to do a language the your own for your game. It deserve to be written, spoken, or both! think about how & what the communicates come the player.

- Extra Retro -

An art challenge that is a throwback come the MS-DOS and also a vault challenge! just like last year,limit her game's palette to among the old, 4-color palettes offered by the color Graphics Adapter for MS-DOS games. List of 4-color choices at:https://lospec.com/palette-list/tag/cga

( You have the right to swcarolannpeacock.com between the palettes for various scenes that your game like part MS-DOS gamings did. )