In instance you haven’t noticed, rapper Dr. Dre has his own line of headphones. They’re called “Beats by Dre” and until now, they to be made in concert v the company Monster. Apparently that has readjusted now and Beats are their very own thing now, and also that’s good. I’m not a fan of Monster products, however that’s a story for one more day.

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I went on a little bit of a tirade on Twitter around how Beats to be replacing your old overpriced pieces of crap with brand-new overpriced pieces of crap, for this reason the agency reached out to me and also asked if I’d inspect them out and review them. I obliged.

The pair the the company sent me are dubbed the “Executive” model, and also I think it’s a marketing ploy to obtain the attention of world who travel a many who could make a bagload the money every year. That’s so no me, for this reason it’s weird the I’m reviewing them. However, ns am obsessed v music, so possibly my think will shed some light on whether these $299.95 headphones are indeed a item of crap – or are worth buying.

Before ns start, here’s the main marketing summary of these things:

Beats Executive™ headphones room designed to take you native boardroom come the tarmac and also everywhere in between. These headphones supply the legend Beats sound now in a refined premium package that’s less complicated than ever before to take it on the road.

Ok, let’s obtain going.

How they look

Not going to lie, these things are gorgeous. That’s the whole Beats by Dre “thing” though, format over substance for the many part. Are many of the headphones make by the company pieces that crap because that real? No, yet they’re no much better than a brand like, say, Bose.

The Executive model is grey, has actually the Beats logo on the side and look nice comfortable. That’s good, since they room comfortable. They’re honestly the many comfortable over-ear headphones I’ve ever before put on. Ns can’t use the new Apple Ear Pad/Bud/Whatevers since they don’t fit into my ear properly. Oh well. They’re likewise really light, which ns wouldn’t have guessed.

The cord is red, i beg your pardon is also something the is unique to Beats, and also I great it would have shipped through a an ext understated black color or grey color. Having said that, it’s extremely great quality and also it shows. Well done.


Anyone deserve to tell girlfriend if something is nice or not, for this reason let’s gain to exactly how they perform.

How castle perform

Forget around price, let’s just think about pure performance. I had actually our own Josh Constine put them on during a train ride, and also I need to say that the noise cancellation did the job. However, the headphones seem to miss out on the too much “highs” and “lows.” If you’re searching for a sound v deep, deep bass, don’t gain the executive model, you’ll be really disappointed.

Having stated that, the sound is really crisp and there’s no crackling or interference from the noise cancellation at all. I haven’t used them on an actual plane yet, yet I felt that the train test to be close enough to share mine thoughts.

I’ve offered them with my iPhone, Nexus 7 and also my laptop, and also the sound is regular over all devices. Clearly, the sound coming the end of my MacBook Pro space superior, however that’s only because I was no listening to greatly compressed or streaming music.

Things that room missing

There’s one point that drives me nuts about these headphones, and it’s the reality that the on/off switch the powers lock doesn’t automatically shut down once they’re urgently up and also not gift used. The executive, management headphones take 2 double-A batteries, and also I’ve gone through 4 of lock in the past 4 days since I have forgotten to turn them off.

For almost three hundred bucks, I expect better. Probably all headphones are choose this and also I’m just absent-minded, yet man walk this make me desire to toss these things out the that relocating train.

Other than absent the highs and lows, ns really wish the the headphones had some type of microphone on them too. Because I’m an “executive”, I usage the phone call a lot. It’s a actual pain in the ass to it is in listening to Spotify when a contact comes in and also forget the there’s no mic on my headphones. Duh.

UPDATE: I’m told that there’s a different cable included with a mic. Great. But weird.

Good job, good effort

As promised, I shared my review and was fully honest. Would certainly I buy this headphones v my own money? probably not, due to the fact that I’m no the target audience. If girlfriend really execute fly a lot and you want to present off the reality that you’re someone high-up at a company, the executive headphones by Dre space worth picking up. Because that the remainder of us, $300 is a lot of to litter down.

Remember, this headphones only come in silver…so you can’t even select your style.

If you’re an audiophile, you could probably pick these things apart an ext than I ever could. Having said that, I’ve been consistently using them and enjoying exactly how comfortable they room on my headpiece, even on top of mine hats. Sound stupid, yet these things are crucial to me.

When i take castle off, my ear aren’t sore, i m sorry I’ve skilled with high value headphones from Bose in the past.

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Buy or not to buy…that’s up to you. View you ~ above the exclusive jet, Execs.

(Our editor Eric Eldon wanted me to work-related in “Beats through Drew” somewhere right into the story, but it didn’t fit. So over there it is.)