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Welcome come the uber-marketplace

The Uber-Marketplace reflects you every market from every store, rather of simply one, like those other, weaker, less, um... An excellent price comparison web page do. This is the exact same as spring at every one of, Amazon Marketplace, and also every other an excellent textbook save all at once. This is great when you only want come buy one item. If you need more than one item, add it to her bookbag (above), which offers the complete power of the Uber-BOT\"s Multi-Item Price Optimization™. Read that last sentence again or I\"ll turn you right into a bathtub.

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checked Used
an ext pricing choices

Round-Trip Pricing™!?!?It\"s the new thing, it saves paper, the earth, and money! periodically it\"s referred to as renting, occasionally it\"s a guarantee buyback at a guarantee price. Either method it\"s great for you, and your money satchel! If among these means is the cheapest, the Uber-BOT will kind it out! For more info click the little question mark your computer mouse is at this time tickling.
Buy Low! market High!
Want to know the real expense of your book? You need to understand how much it\"ll be worth as soon as you sell it in ~ the end of the term. Rentals may look cheaper increase front, however many times it\"s cheaper to buy low and sell high. Us subtract the present highest buyback market from the book price in stimulate to display you the estimated total price after ~ you market it back.
Consider buyback value

Buy Low! sell High!Want to know the real price of her book? You have to understand exactly how much it\"ll it is in worth when you sell it in ~ the finish of the term. Rentals might look cheaper increase front, but many times it\"s cheaper come buy low and sell high. Us subtract the current highest buyback sell from the publication price in order to show you the estimated total price after you market it back.
guarantee buyback just
Some stores guarantee they\"ll buy her book back at the end of the term. If a store provides this service, then usage the last price, including the quantity of the buyback, when calculating the cheapest deal.
Why buy when you can rent!?!?
Instead of to buy the publication today and selling it at the finish of the semester, rental it for significantly less than the supplied price. At the finish of the term, just send it earlier and you\"re done.
Hey! Quarter-long Rentals
By default we are considering Quarter-long rentals appropriate now, which are typically only 90 days. Change this come Semester rentals if you require the publications for much longer than that.

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International Editions
We love worldwide editions, and include them by default \"cuz castle make good sense. This are books with the exact same content as U.S. Books just in ~ a cheaper price. Castle are like the prescription drugs of the University. Actually, prescription medicine are, however you gain the point. If girlfriend uncheck this box we will certainly attempt come filter out the noticeable ones. (A couple of may slip v the cracks, for this reason you have the right to click \"ignore this certain copy\" on those ones!). You have the right to save one metric* ton the cash if friend buy international.*1 metric ton = 1.10231131 united state tons
eBooks / eReaders
eBooks are digital copies of books that you deserve to look at either online or through software on her computer. They are identical to the us Edition that the book.
which tools do friend own?
Android cell phone Device
Amazon Kindle / Dx
Apple iPhone/iTouch
Apple iPad
Barnes & Noble Nook

Pricing kind Help
By changing this, you choose which kind of price friend want.high quality used or newBy default, we gain you the ideal bang for your buck, a high high quality product at the lowest price. Uber-BOT strips out lousy sellers and badly damaged items.Do you desire a provided item only? perhaps you desire to buy it straight from a store and not Joe Schmoe in his dorm room (no third party), or maybe you don\"t even treatment that the book fell out of one airplane, was run over through a car, and also fell in a fishtank, you just want the absolute lowest price (cheapest provided or new).The selection is yours, and yours alone, however don\"t say us didn\"t give you the option!
Pricing form HelpBy changing this dropdown, you pick which type of shipping you want. Standard is the best, since it\"s the cheapest and it typically arrives in just a couple of days. The Uber-BOT will certainly then go back and calculation the lowest feasible total price, acquisition the new shipping prices into consideration. Us estimate shipping time by including one job for every orders inserted after noon because that processing, plus the actual variety of days that would require to ship. (ie. 3-5 because that standard)
Sometimes you simply need the capability to remove any item with a particular word in the comments. This function affects every items, so usage it sparingly. Through entering phrases or keywords indigenous the comments section to the left, and separating castle by a comma we will strip those results and also show girlfriend the next cheapest item.Be warned: usage the \"ignore this item\" connect instead of this many of the time!