$ adb --help-s SERIAL usage gadget via provided serial (overrides $ANDROID_SERIAL)$ adb devicesList of gadgets attached emulator-5554 device7f1c864e device$ adb shell -s 7f1c864eerror: more than one gadget and emulator


Use the -s option BEFORE the command to specify the gadget, for example:

adb -s 7f1c864e shellSee also http://developer.android.com/tools/help/adb.html#directingcommands



adb -d shell (or adb -e shell).

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This command also will certainly help you in most of the cases, if you are as well lazy to kind the full ID.

From http://developer.android.com/tools/help/adb.html#commandsummary:

-d - Direct an adb command also to the just attached USB device. Returns an error when even more than one USB gadget is attached.

-e - Direct an adb command also to the only running emulator. Returns an error once even more than one emulator is running.


Another different would certainly be to collection atmosphere variable ANDROID_SERIAL to the relevant serial, below assuming you are utilizing Windows:

collection ANDROID_SERIAL=7f1c864eecho %ANDROID_SERIAL%"7f1c864e"Then you have the right to use adb.exe shell without any problems.

I discovered this question after seeing the "even more than one device" error, through 2 offline phones showing:

C:Program Files (x86)Androidandroid-sdkandroid-tools>adb devicesList of tools attachedSH436WM01785 offlineSH436WM01785 offlineSH436WM01785 sideloadIf you just have one gadget associated, run the adhering to commands to remove the offline connections:

adb kill-serveradb tools
To install an apk on among your emulators:

First acquire the list of devices:

-> adb devicesList of gadgets attached25sdfsfb3801745eg deviceemulator-0954 deviceThen install the apk on your emulator via the -s flag:

-> adb -s "25sdfsfb3801745eg" install "C:Usersjoel.joelDownloads elease.apk"Performing Streamed InstallSuccessPs.: the order here matters, so -s hregarding come prior to install command, otherwise it will not work.

Hope this helps someone!

This gist will certainly execute the majority of of the occupational for you showing a menu when tbelow are multiple tools connected:

$ adb $(android-select-device) shell1) 02783201431feeee device 3) emulator-55542) 3832380FA5F30000 tool 4) emulator-5556Select the device to usage, to quit:To avoid typing you deserve to simply create an alias that contained the device selection as defined right here.

janot has currently mentioned this over, but this took me some time to filter the finest solution.

Tbelow are two Broad usage cases:1) 2 hardware are linked, first is emulator and also other is a Device.Solution : adb -e shell....whatever-command also for emulator and also adb -d shell....whatever-command for device.

2) n number of tools are connected (all emulators or Phones/Tablets) via USB/ADB-WiFi:Solution: Step1) run adb devices THis will offer you list of devices currently linked (via USB or ADBoverWiFI)Step2) now run adb -s shell....whatever-commandno matter how many kind of devices you have.

Example to clear application information on a device associated on wifi ADB I would certainly execute:adb -s shell pm clear com.package-id

to clear application information connected on my usb linked tool I would certainly execute:adb -s 5210d21be2a5643d shell pm clear com.package-id

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The ideal way to run shell on any specific device is to use:

adb -s > shellFor Example:adb -s emulator-5554 shell
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For Windows, here"s a quick 1 liner example of exactly how to install a file..on multiple devices

FOR /F "skip=1" %x IN ("adb devices") DO begin adb -s %x install -r myandroidapplication.apkIf you setup on including this in a batch file, relocation %x via %%x, as below

FOR /F "skip=1" %%x IN ("adb devices") DO begin adb -s %%x install -r myandroidapp.apk
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Running adb regulates on all associated devices

Create a bash (adb+)

adb devices | while read linedoif < ! "$line" = "" > && < `echo $line | awk "print $2"` = "device" >then device=`echo $line | awk "print $1"` echo "$device $
..." adb -s $gadget $
fidoneuse it with

adb+ //+ command

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Create a Bash (tools.sh) to pick a serial from devices (or emulator):

clear;echo "====================================================================================================";echo " ADB DEVICES";echo "====================================================================================================";echo "";adb_devices=( $(adb tools | grep -v gadgets | grep device | cut -f 1)#$(adb gadgets | grep -v devices | grep gadget | reduced -f 2) );if < $(($#adb_devices<
>)) -eq "1" > && < "$adb_devices<0>" == "#" >then echo "No gadget found"; echo ""; echo "===================================================================================================="; device="" // Call Key Menu attribute fxMenu;else read -p "$( f=0 for dev in "$adb_devices<
>"; do nm="$(echo $dev | reduced -f1 -d#)"; tp="$(echo $dev | reduced -f2 -d#)"; echo " $((++f)). $nm <$tp>"; done echo ""; echo " 0. Quit" echo ""; echo "===================================================================================================="; echo ""; echo " Please select a device: " )" selection error="You think it"s over just because I am dead. It"s not over. The games have simply started."; // Call Validation Numbers fxValidationNumberMenu $#adb_devices<
> $selection "$error" situation "$selection" in 0) // Call Main Menu attribute fxMenu; *) device="$(echo $adb_devices<$((selection-1))> | cut -f1 -d#)"; // Call Key Menu feature fxMenu; esacfiThen in another option deserve to usage adb -s (worldwide choice -s usage device via provided serial number that overrides $ANDROID_SERIAL):

adb -s $device I tested this code on MacOS terminal, yet I think it have the right to be used on home windows throughout Git Bash Terminal.

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Also remember connumber ecological variables and also Android SDK paths on .bash_profile file:

export ANDROID_HOME="/usr/local/opt/android-sdk/"export PATH="$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$PATH"export PATH="$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$PATH"
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Here"s a shell manuscript I created myself:

#! /bin/shfor gadget in `adb devices | awk "print $1"`; perform if < ! "$device" = "" > && < ! "$device" = "List" > then echo " " echo "adb -s $tool $
" echo "------------------------------------------------------" adb -s $gadget $
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