Firefox is among the most popular and reliable web-browser the end there. However there are a few scenarios whereby Firefox is not able to open a website whereas all various other browsers and also other computer systems can. This is a common error and also was reported by countless users. So, if you faced SEC ERROR OCSP INVALID SIGNING CERT error top top Firefox, you space at the appropriate place. Users have actually reported the they room not may be to access some Microsoft services like Bing or Outlook because of this error. If the exact same services were easily accessible from a different browser at the same time, if friend are dealing with such an issue, you can follow the procedures mentioned in this short article to fix it.

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The error roughly translates to “The certificate that you space using to access a website or webpage is invalid or has been invalidated.” The certificate can have been correct at part point, however now it has actually been invalidated. One apter technical term linked with this process will be OCSP Stapling.

Directly quoting the Mozilla Blog:

OCSP stapling is a mechanism whereby a site deserve to convey certificate revocation details to travellers in a privacy-preserving, scalable manner. Revocation info is important since at any time after a certificate has actually been issued, it may no much longer be proper to trust it. Because that instance, probably the CA that issued the certificate realizes it placed incorrect details on it. Probably the website operators lose control of their personal key, or it gets stolen. Much more benignly, probably the domain was transferred to a new owner.

Now we recognize what is OCSP stapling, coming ago to our problem. Friend are facing this error due to the fact that the certificate has actually been revoked or the server you space trying to attach is no recognizing this certificate. This is mostly an issue with part servers and not her computer. The server is not able to take care of OCSP stapling properly, and also that is why Firefox is throw an error to you.

A temporary yet not recommended equipment to this problem would be disabling OCSP Stapling top top Firefox. This is a temporary equipment to accessibility the blocked website, and also it should be enabled earlier for her security. But before you do this, try resetting her Firefox browser and also clearing all internet browser cache prior to disabling OCSP stapling.

How come disable OCSP Stapling ~ above Firefox

Open up a Firefox window and type about:config in the deal with bar. Click on I accept The Risk.

Search for the configuration: ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling.

Double click on it and collection it to ‘false’.



Now shot opening the website/webpage that gave you this error. As soon as you space done browsing, the is recommended to rotate on OCSP stapling ago again. That ensures far better security and protects you from some feasible hacks.

Another systems to this difficulty will be, try using an additional browser. You deserve to use Microsoft edge or Google Chrome and shot opening the exact same website.

This was every in just how to solve SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT on Firefox.

I will mention again; this is an error due to some invalid/invalidated certificate or bad servers. It is recommended no to turn off OCSP Stapling, but if you want to accessibility the website, you deserve to temporarily perform so.

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