The Energizer Energi to Go cell phone charger is the one device you don’t desire to leave home without. It comes in handy as soon as traveling, particularly at airports where there is only a couple of power outlets, i beg your pardon of food are constantly taken. This little machine does all the occupational for you, simply plug it in come the bottom of her cell phone, the blue LED lamp up and also in minutes you are prepared to make that call.

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The Energi come Go. (view large image)

It comes v two AA Lithium batteries and also a connector that is compatible with your phone. Energizer also makes Energi come Go kit for MP3 players and gaming devices. You acquire instant strength anytime, anywhere. Although it comes with the Lithium batteries, i m sorry Energizer recommends, you can use any kind of AA battery v the charger.

The Energi come Go, cell phone connector and also Lithium batteries. (view huge image)

The Energi to Go i had functioned with my Palm Treo 700w. It to be a life saver when I remained in the airport and also couldn’t discover an outlet to charge my phone. Girlfriend think your phone battery will last, however trust me those smartphones eat battery life up. One good thing is the Energi To go is smaller sized than most phones, so that doesn’t take up any type of room in your bag and you don’t have actually to resolve those stroked nerves cords native your typical charger.

Everything around the Energi To go is simple, native the architecture to the instructions. Follow to Energizer the Energi is compatible with most cell phones. I have seen connectors because that Nokia, Samsung, Sprint and Motorola handsets. Over there is also a mini-USB connector the works v the Blackberry and also my Palm Treo. If you find hard sufficient you could find some much more applications, but that is every I have came across.

The Energi to Go associated to mine Treo. (view big image)

The Energi is do of hard plastic and also doesn’t feel cheap, in reality I accidentally dropped it and also it was together if nothing happened. The bottom cap pops off and also that is wherein the batteries go. Energizer doesn’t have any statistics ~ above how plenty of times the Energi come Go will actually charge your phone till it needs brand-new batteries, yet it most likely will not charge a dead smartphone much more than twice. Together for continuous cell phones i am sure you get more usage out of the Energi since they don’t use as much power.

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Like ns said previously though this is good for traveling due to the fact that in minute the Energi will have actually you talk again. The fully-charged my Treo, i beg your pardon had around 10 percent battery life left, in less than an hour. As whole the Energi To go is what I contact the \"emergency speak device\" since that is what that is good for.