So for the objective of this question, let"s neglect terrain. Pretfinish every hex is the same. Obviously in the time of an actual game we"d desire to modify this based upon the terrain (and also impassable terrain might make it even more difficult).

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What order need to one build boroughs in to attain maximum # of Level 2 districts, and exploitthe maximum number of hexes. In the referral photo, if I"ve constructed 1 boturbulent already at 1, structure the second at 3, 4, 5, or 7 will include three more exploits, yet 2 and 6 will certainly just include two.

I think Level 2 districts is more necessary than exploits.

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If the only thing you care about is level 2 districts then your layout need to tend towards being a level edged form with as few corners as possible, which will cause every district within the shape except for those in the corners to be level 2. At some point, a finish triangle or quadrilateral is a lot of reliable as all but 3 (or 4) of the boroughs will have levelled up.

Let"s expand the instance city and also we"ll check out.

First, we construct in position 2, creating the initially triangle, which does not attain anypoint (yet). If you currently build 3 and also 6 this will certainly cause the city centre to level up (5 districts is the minimum to level up your initially district, considering that among them has to touch the other 4 to perform so). Next develop 8, which completes the triangle and causes positions 1 and also 2 to level up. We now have actually 6 districts, with 3 of them levelled up.

In these images I"m utilizing green for level 2 districts, oarray for lvl 1.

If we now extfinish one edge of the triangle with one more triangle, structure 10, 9 and 23, this offers us a parallelogram. This causes 10 and 9 to level up, giving 9 cities through 5 levelled up.


Repeat with another edge, building 4, 5 and 15 to give a trapezium. This causes 3 to level up as quickly as you develop 4, via 4 and 5 then levelling up when you finish 15. You now have 12 districts with 8 levelled up.


If you finish the last edge (including 7, 18 and 36 - levelling up 6, 8, 7 and 18) you"ll have one more finish triangle of 15 districts with 12 levelled up, only the corners 14, 23 and also 36 reprimary level 1.

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While widening you could, if you prefer, sindicate keep adding rows to the triangle rather of broadening in the manner over. This is actually slightly even more reliable (by at many one borough) at some steras once half-finished but the end outcomes are the exact same.