What units have to you use? Which should you enhance? What tribe need to you choose? brand-new player questions around Endless Frontier are actually endless.

So you"re trying to figure out every one of Endless Frontier"s systems, obtaining used to the arena, Tower of Trial, and also Spirit Highlands. Everything"s going swimmingly however you"re still a bit confused around units. You deserve to tell i m sorry ones seem useful, yet with for this reason much info thrown in your face with every one it"s difficult to figure out wherein you deserve to go through your team.

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If this sounds prefer you, it"s time to acquire a big ol" refresher top top unit details and progression. That"s every right, this ingredient is complicated. Exactly how are you supposed to recognize which systems you should emphasis on if friend aren"t familiar with the intricacies that the system?

Much that a unit"s location on a team is based on its attack form and style, tribe, unit skills, and special abilities. Stats are likewise important but much of your time trying to develop a team in Endless Frontier is going to be focused on what"s detailed above.

The goal of this guide is to introduce a brand-new player to the building blocks that team building. In this instance this means choosing a tribe (or two), her cores and supports, and progressing linearly. Here we"re concentrating mostly ~ above your main team, which has actually a maximum of 12 units.

Tiering her medal priorities (core vs. Support)

Medals don"t grow on trees -- a painful lesson as you push through each revival and shot to boost your units.

It is no recommended to invest medals into every one of your units. Since the stat renovations that come with enhancing only acquire larger together you reach higher enhancement levels, that is in your ideal interest to focus your medals ~ above units with the highest damage or clear rate potential. These are referred to as cores (or carries, if you favor MOBA terms) and will be transferring your team top top their large enhanced shoulders.

Stacking all her medals ~ above your liked core units ensures friend will always be progressing into additional stages top top your next revival, i m sorry (due to each stage giving an ext medals than the last) leader to even better medal accumulation and economy.

Medal efficiency

We"ll go into selecting cores and also supports right here shortly, however I really can"t emphasize just how much more efficient your development gets if girlfriend stack medals on your cores.

Stack"em high!

Try to keep your supports" improvement levels in ~ no more than fifty percent that of her cores. If your cores are rocking 1300 enhancement levels, her supports should be no higher than 650. Of course, there are some various other important components that should enter your support improvement levels. However we"ll go into those later. We can"t really progression if friend don"t recognize your supports and also cores.

2 or 4 cores?

As a last note, you"re one of two people going to want to go with 2 or 4 main point units relying on your priorities. In either instance you need an same amount that physical and also magical attackers (1:1 because that 2 core, 2:2 for 4 core).Established human being 2 core. An alert core vs. Support improvement levels.

2 cores (1 physical, 1 magic) are far better for brute forcing through stages. If you"re primarily concentrated on medal grinding, this is the method to go. It"s usually advised more recent players walk the 2 core route for quick medal gains to obtain off the ground, but 2 core is viable in general. Its just real border lies in dungeon people restrictions.

Early stage human and undead 4 core. Main point vs. Support levels in line.

A 4 core (2 physical, 2 magic) team sounds choose the ideal on paper, but with just how high medal expenses are on enhancements it method you"re going to be spreading your medals thin. This successfully will do your immediate medal gains much less than a 2 core"s as you"ll be putting them between four units rather of two, and also hence will be increasing their improvement levels at a slower rate.

A 4 main point team is simpler to manage the dungeon with as result of tribe restrictions. If you break-up your cores in between two tribes you won"t have to attend to those pesky limitations so much. They also make a better damage wall in the arena, but often arena matches really carry out come under to one-shotting.

Determining her core and also support units

Now just to preface this: There regularly are no in-game indications as to whether a unit is better suited to being main point or support. You can poke about the community and get a feel for it, but most powerful units deserve to be provided in one of two people position.

There are a few universal determinants that do a unit a great core:

Area attacks instead of solitary targetLong attack rangeCrowd regulate or a great debuff

These are great guidelines to start but they are not set in stone. There space exceptions in outstanding units.

An example of an exemption lies the right now popular sword Dancer is a melee unit however her dash-attack, added projectiles, and immunity to stun and paralysis (plus blows ~ above Senior) make her a formidable Elf core.

Some superior units.

The line in between core and support in Endless Frontieris very blurry and there space very couple of units that are pigeonholed into one role or the other, though part are better suited to supporting or delivering their team than others.

For reference, below are several of the best current core units for each tribe. Do keep in mind this is no an exhaustive list, however are some systems you should be excited around getting.


Ice spirit (Magical)Ice wizard (Magical)Naga (Physical)Raptor rider (Physical)Wyvern rider (Magical)


Valkyrie (Physical)Hot-blooded Xuanzang (Physical)Pilot (Physical)Fire Mage (Magical)Steam Punk (Magical)


Sylphid (Physical)Hoyden goku (Physical)Sword Dancer (Magical)Druid (Magical)Alchemist (Magical)


Dark Admiral (Physical)Medusa (Physical)Lich (Magical)Incubus (Magical)Succubus (Magical)

Tribe differences

Some football player really gain stuck top top which tribe they must go with, and also the most basic answer is really simple: Choose the tribe(s) you have actually the best units for.

Most football player go with either a solitary or double tribe team, frequently simply based upon the systems they get. Though single tribe teams certainly have their benefits (primarily tribe buff unit skills), they have the hinderance of not being really defensively versatile.

Elf + human being team. Indeed a whale.

Each people not only has actually a form of crowd manage they specialize in, they have actually one they room immune to when seniored (evolving come 6 stars). Walking the 2 tribe path grants both that those together bonuses.

Let"s take it a look in ~ the types of CC each tribe specializes in, and what they"re immune to:

Orc - specializes in freezing. Has the added benefit of greater tier stealth devices than various other races (Naga, Wyvern Rider). Seniored orc units space immune come stuns.Human - specializes in stuns. Seniored person units space immune come knock-backs.Elf - specialization in knock-backs. Immune to blow attacks.Undead - specializes in punch attacks. Numerous have additional debuffs. Seniored undead units are immune come freezing.

Just due to the fact that you"re picking a primary race (or two) doesn"t mean you can"t have actually supports of other races on her teams.

It"s not uncommon for groups of any type of race to have Priests or battle Drummers as supports for your benefits. Priests have the right to speed your runs increase considerably and Battle Drummers benefit all races with heavy buffs.

Unit transcendence

Transcending (transing) devices is one integral component of progression. Those yellow diamonds following on unit portraits suggest their infectious diseases world fashion level, which has a preferably level of 3.

Going through with transing takes your cores even further stat-wise 보다 they would certainly otherwise, with each trans providing a 50% increase in base HP, attack, and also defense. The 3rd trans landing the unit at x2.5 the stats mentioned. The is a permanent boost to the unit, also if you market it to the time Shop.


Transing is a an important part of development in the lengthy run, but it"s very expensive and requires evolved units fodder as well as Honor Coins to it is in done. As such it"s not something you normally do beforehand in your Endless Frontiercareer.

Because it"s so expensive, you want to rod to only transing her cores -- and even then, just cores you know for certain you"re going to be making use of in the long run. As soon as you"ve been at it a when it"s much less of a huge deal, but early on these decisions heavily impact your gameplay.

Ekkorr offers out Transcendence tickets from time come time. These are ideal used to gain units come trans level 1, and also from over there you go through the normal technique via unit evolution and feeding. That said you might want to host onto lock in instance you space unable to obtain the units you need to trans later on.

Pumping supports with medals

Your cores must be your primary medal focus and also we"ve talked more about cores below than supports, however you do need to take care of your supports.

Some stats are more vital than others when it comes to progression and your supports will definitely boost them. The most essential stats granted in unit skills are:

Movement speed - enables you to move faster throughout the battlefieldAttack street - The more you can attack from, the much safer you areAttack rate - increases your possibilities of highlight firstCrit strike price - You want the damage multiplier from critical hitting as lot as possible

In the plan of things, all five of these space immensely important. But when you"re do the efforts to development through stages, movement and attack speed are royalty with motion speed itself being king.

The basic strategy is come feed medals come your units until they with an enhancement level that boosts one the these an important stats, as lengthy as the level is in ~ or much less than 50% of your cores" enhancement levels.

Because motion speed is so important, it need to be the very first thing you look because that in unit skills to boost up come -- and not improve past that till the next obtainable movement speed skill if it has it. If not, aim because that a support"s other crucial stats and aim because that those levels.


If this is confusing, below are part examples:

Priest - Level 300 (All units" motion speed+)Alchemist - Level 200 (Tribe"s activity speed+), level 500 (Tribe"s movement speed+), level 1100 (Tribe"s crit price +)Battle Drummer - Level 700 (All units" activity speed+), level 900 (All units" strike distance+)Death items - Level 500 (Tribe"s motion speed+), level 1300 (Tribe"s movement speed+)Lich - Level 100 (Tribe"s movement speed+), level 300 (Tribe"s assault distance+), level 500 (Tribe"s activity speed+)

Aim for vitals and go not a single enhancement level higher.

Hopefully this overview has some info you"ve found helpful. As pointed out previously when I"ve written around Endless Frontier, I"m no pro. I"m learning from my mistakes and also trying to right my previous team-building wrongs as with anyone else, and watching others fail has actually simply driven me to write and try to stop further new players from making the exact same mistakes.

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Have fun with the game. Here"s to hoping you heed advice better than some civilization I know and also don"t obtain stuck in the sub-1000 stage range for end a week.