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Thursday, January 19, 2017

El shade de la Pasión (ECDLP) #90. Wednesday January 18, 2017. All Puebla’s Plot Earrings and All Lala Milk’s guys Couldn’t placed Guilty Numpty with each other Again

After the WrestleMania taster and also Plot Earring’s grand entrance, Nora tells Lucía that Tere uncovered the earring in Rebeca’s room as soon as she was cleaning (hacer el aseo
). Nora put it in she nightstand drawer and forgot to give it earlier to she mother. Lucía states she’ll do it herself. Nora asks she why she’s unable to do berserk over this. “Don’t mental me. Lately, I gain upset (alterarse) over the darndest things.”Marcelo’s cellphone obtain the MMS picture message of Lucía and also Dr. Fondler locked in an amorous clinch. Naturally, Milagros check it out and also shows it come Rafaela together proof that her adored Lucía doesn’t give a toss (le importa un comino. Lit.: “She cares as lot as a cumin seed”) the Marcelo is detained (preso). Rafaela think they shouldn’t rush to judgement. Probably the young man in the photo is her relative (un pariente) or a family friend. “Or she grandpappy!” sneers Milagros. This isn’t the very first time mommy Terror has seen this man with that two-timing tart (mosca muerta. Lit.: “dead fly”). Rafaela maintains that there must be a plausible explanation. Sometimes, appearances can be deceiving (a veces las apariencias engañan). “Oh, closeup of the door up and stop defending the indefensible!” breaks Milagros.Lucía asks Tere about Plot Earring and also the housekeeper corroborates Nora’s story. The earring was undoubtedly in Rebeca’s room and Tere to know this due to the fact that it resulted in the vacuum (la aspiradora) to suddenly protect against as soon as that aspirated it. This occurred the day after Alonso’s funeral, may he remainder in novela peace. That’s sufficient evidence because that Lucía come march into Rebeca’s room, ready to draw blood. Whora major is no there so Lucía checks the jewelry crate sitting on optimal of the dresser and also finds Plot Earring’s twin. She holds both earrings increase to research them closely and also audibly gasps: “Marcelo was right!”Sergio desires to understand why Rodrigo welcomed his father’s job offer at the fábrica when he was so adamant versus it up until an episode ago. Rodrigo reckons this is his possibility to be close come Lucía, particularly now the a specific idiot called Marcelo no orbiting her. Delusions of grandeur doesn’t just run in the Zúñiga family, it competes in triathlons. In another blatant breach of the Attorneys’ code of Ethics, Sergio asks Rodrigo whether he discussed Marcelo’s instance with his father. Rodrigo pretends they didn’t talk around it due to the fact that it never came up. Sergito the chismosito wonders whether Rodrigo would certainly be bothered if he were to find out that his dad was behind Marcelo’s arrest. Rodrigo claims he doesn’t care. If anything, he’s grateful to his father for ridding the of Marcelo.Rebeca is in Alonso’s examine rummaging with his papers. She find Adriana’s photo structure in among his workdesk drawers and also starts stabbing it viciously with a pair the scissors. Nora comes in to ask her whether Lucía offered her ago Plot Earring. Lucía walk nuts when she uncovered it. Why is that, Mommy Whorest?Lucía is tho staring intently in ~ Plot Earring and also its twin, she eyes filling up through tears and also enraged resolve. As soon as Rebeca start the room, Lucía walks as much as her and without speak a word, Zsa-Zsas she hard throughout the face! Here’s lucky Number 52 for her Slapster Roster, Kendra! “Marcelo to be right! Yes, friend did speak to my dad before he died! Yes, he came here looking because that you! Yes, he chewed you the end for your cheating ways and also for what you did come Marcelo’s brother! But over all, ns am details he must’ve faced you for using my mother’s surname to sleep around with lord knows how many men!” Rebeca will to her favorite defense technique: Deny, deny, refuse in a shrill voice when pouting and flailing she arms about. She insurance claims she was out of the house the entirety afternoon and didn’t return until well after ~ dark, when Alonso was currently dead. The headshrinker and also Mother Terror can testify to this and confirm her timeline. Lucía needs an explanation for exactly how Plot Earring found its means back come Whora Major’s room. This is the exact same earring the she left beside Federico’s lifeless body and that has actually been contrivedly pushing the plot along ever before since. Marcelo provided Plot Earring to Alonso and also Lucía is certain that her dad threw it in Whora Major’s face when he challenged her. This is the earring you had in your jewelry crate (alhajera) and also this below is Plot Earring! What execute you have to say because that yourself? Rebeca suggests that maybe Alonso dropped it in her room. Girlfriend lie! Lucía is positive Rebeca spoke v Alonso that night. She can swear Rebeca to be there once he died. This conclusion renders her lunge in ~ Rebeca: “What walk you do to my daddy?” “I didn’t do anything! that was currently dead as soon as I got here. He had actually a heart strike with nobody roughly to aid him and he must’ve passed away hating your valuable Marcelo! and yes, me as well, surely.” “Your explanation doesn’t convince me. However rest assured that this doesn’t end here! ns swear that as long as over there is a breath in my body, you will never have peace that mind ever again! I will certainly personally take treatment of that!” Nora frantically bangs top top the door: “Hey, what’s going ~ above in there?” Rebeca is grateful for this reprieve: “Go on! Tell your sister what girlfriend suspect regarding your father’s death! If she slashes she wrists again, it’ll be all her fault!” Lucía announces that she is keeping Plot Earring. She hurls Plot Earring’s irregularity twin at Rebe’s feet v a look of utter disdain on she face. Nora is permitted in and also she requirements to it is in told what the deal is with them and those damn earrings. “And don’t say the nothing ‘cause i ain’t dumb!” right able to contain her contempt, Lucía points her in Rebe’s direction: “Your mother will explain.”After the adrenaline rush in the viper pit, that is now time for waterworks galore in Lucía’s room. “What perform I carry out now, dear God? You to be right, my love! you were ideal all along!” She flashbacks come the work of Trini’s funeral when she begged Marcelo to stay, since if he were to leave, she would die the sorrow. Marcelo is sit on the floor the his jail cell, alone with his compulsory “Pining because that Lucía” flashback. A policeman notifies him that he’ll be seeing the judge very first thing tomorrow morning. “Does mine lawyer know?” that asks. The policeman can not say the does. That’s because that you to find out, cupcake!Back in ~ Casa Gaxiola, Rebeca spins a fanciful story to define to Nora why she and Lucía locked horns a wee little bit earlier. Lucía claims that the earrings belonged to her late mother. No street! Lucía must be tripping! Nora remembers plainly the day as soon as her dad provided them come her mom as a wedding anniversary gift! Rebeca pretends the Lucía kept among the earrings out of spite. She want to avoid Rebeca from ever before wearing lock again! “Your sister wants to dispossess (despojar) united state of everything that is rightfully ours and we can’t enable her to execute it!” affirms Whora Major. Whora boy agrees wholeheartedly. She insists the they ought to buy Lucía’s other fifty percent of the home then kick she out! “We need to be united versus her! Now provide your mommy a hug, will certainly you? i love you!” The Whoras re-publishing a complicit hug that would be endearing if it no ooze so lot venom.The next morning, Lucía goes come Casa Treviño to display her godfather Plot Earring. She summarizes the trajectory of that an essential piece that jewelry and also reveals she suspicions about her angry aunt. Marcelo to be right: Rebeca to be the last one to check out Alonso alive and, if she lied around being present when he died, it’s since the heinous vitch is hiding something! Nazario points out that this is all speculation and also they have no tangible proof. Lucía desires to create a note to El Chapo Marcelo about this, due to the fact that visits seem to it is in strictly prohibited for no valid reason whatsoever. Lucía can not wait to share the happy news with her Fetching Papasito! Plot Earring is the sign she has been hoping she dear departed dad would certainly send her as proof that he blesses she union with the male who play him for a fool and also betrayed his trust.The Zúñigas Father and also Son sashay right into the fábrica with much pomp and also smugness. They swagger along the corridor choose they own place. Rodrigo greets Normita and she mutters a half-hearted reply. Ever before the condescending tool, Amador turns to his son and asks: “It doesn’t smell like coffee in here, does it? carry out you odor coffee?” He actually starts sniffing the air! Wow. Slow-moving clap at the majestic douchebaggery. “That’s since I haven’t prepared any type of yet, Sir.” “That is why! climate please perform prepare two coffees! Send one to Licenciado Zúñiga in ~ his office, and another one because that me, si es tan gentil, if you would certainly be for this reason kind. ” he accompanies Rodrigo to his new old office, the office he used to be holed increase in all day pretending come work, prior to he jilted the boss’s daughter at the altar. Amador states the office is the same as Rodrigo left it, save for several of Marcelo Escalante’s personal items that will be chucked right into a nearby dumpster dispatched to your owner shortly. Rodrigo asks his dad why he didn’t point out yesterday the Marcelo was under arrest for embezzlement. Amador deemed it was uninmportant. “Is he guilty?” wonders Rodrigo. “If the police arrested him, it’s gotta be because that something!” “The police arrested me as well, for Ligia’s murder, and I was innocent!” retorts Rodrigo. Amador tells him to avoid thinking around nonsense. “Enjoy the moment and make yourself comfortable!” He offers his boy a hug come celebrate his return: “Welcome, son! So good to have you back!”At the Ministerio Público, the receptionist notifies Lucía that Marcelo posted bail this morning and also was released a wee while ago.Mario drops Marcelo in ~ Puebla’s favorite hospital and also asks the why he want to come below first. Marcelo replies the he needs to enquire around someone’s condition. “That human being must be important to you since you chose to visit them first instead of going residence to your mother... Or walking to check out Lucía.” Marcelo states he’ll pop in real fast then go home. Together for Lucía, he doubts very much the she would accept to receive him. Mario speak him he is wrong to i think that. Lucía to be desperate to visit him in jail and also was worried sick around him the entirety time. Marcelo suppresses a hopeful smile yet his dark thoughts automatically take over. He no think this way anything and also much much less that she would certainly accept to get back together.In the intensive care unit, Alfredo is in his fumigator uniform spring angsty and also watching his daughter sleep. Suddenly, the makers hooked to Daniela start beeping. Come on, flatline! A flurry of scrubs rush right into the room and order Alfredo out. Marcelo come to uncover the desperate father sobbing. He asks what’s going on v Daniela and also Alfredo rips into him: “This is all because of you! mine daughter is dying and it’s all her fault! You space the just one responsible of what’s happening! ¡Tu eres el culpable de absolutamente todo! ¡De todo! whatever is your fault! for sure everything!” Marcelo puts on his guilty puppy face and stifles a sniffle. Yeah, you’re come blame for whatever that’s dorn wih Colorlandia and the world! Daniela’s accident, Alonso’s death, Federico’s suicide, climate change, MH370’s disappearance, coral bleaching, Justin Beaver, dessert pizzas, spaghetti straps end white T-shirts, stomping mine pinky toes this morning... The all her fault, Marcelo! Alfredo knows he’s a damaging father yet Daniela concerned Puebla to monitor Marcelo. His denial made she the most miserable woman on earth and pushed her right into Tricky Ricky’s slimy arms. Marcelo swears top top his brother’s memory that he would give every little thing it takes if it could avoid Daniela this suffering. “It’s too late to be sorry!” claims Alfredo. Sara mirrors up and Alfredo begs her to conserve his daughter’s life.Lucía goes searching for Marcelo at his apartment. Milagros welcomes her v a barrage of unfounded accusations and insulting insinuations. The normal drivel.Drat! Daniela’s respiratory failure hasn’t eliminated her. Marcelo look at at she comatose human body from behind the glass. Guilt-palooza.Normita runteldats ~ above the Zúñigas come Don Nazario and Lalo. Nazario think it’s best to pick their battles and also not oppose Rodrigo’s return to the fábrica because that now.Rebeca is incensed that Rodrigo is back at Talavera Gaxiola. Amador says they will require a good manager because that the admin next of the business. Rebeca reluctantly agrees. Whatevs, just keep your spawn away from mine!At Casa Gaxiola, Lucía asks Tere if Marcelo has visited or referred to as asking for her. Nope and also nope. She go upstairs to find Nora rummaging v her drawers. She is looking for her mom earring the Lucía stole. Lucía orders her out. Nora to trust her mom is right: Lucía is without doubt out come dispossess them! Lucía thinks it’s a shame the their effort to end up being real sisters has failed. Nora can’t have a close partnership with her sister if the sister no Nora’s mom and wants to absent her the end of the house. Duh!Marcelo is welcomed back to his apartment by Rafaela and also Milagros. That sees Lucía’s photograph with Dr. Fondler and gets upset.Lety TMZ asks Sergio why he no tell her about Marcelo. Due to the fact that Mario wouldn’t let him so that went babbling come Rodrigo instead. Lety TMZ think he doesn’t trust her. “Of course, ns trust you. Much more than everyone else. You’re my finest friend!” “Is that exactly how you check out me? together your finest friend?” Googly eyes earlier and forth. Sergio tells she they should talk yet not here. “Let’s go the end to dinner tonight!” “I can’t, I’m meeting my dad.” “Why?” “I wanna give myself an opportunity to acquire to know him. Besides, he’s feeling down due to the fact that of what taken place to Daniela.” “What happened?” “Didn’t Rodrigo phone call you? Daniela, Ligia’s cousin, and my dad are things and Daniela had actually an accident and she is in a coma ideal now!” thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I’m below all week for her chisme-quenching needs!Ricardo protests Marcelo’s relax on bail. The judge tells him come quit whining and also to monitor up top top his instances like appropriate lawyers do!Nora goes trying to find Marcelo in ~ the Ministerio Público. She bumps right into Tricky Ricky that asks she whether she liked her Ma’s photograph that he verified her. She breaks at him the it’s all a bunch that lies (una bola de mentiras)! “Neither you nor anybody else will ever make me doubt mine mom!” the tells she she reminds that of Rebeca as soon as she was younger, just much more beautiful. The tries to caress she chin however she smacks his hand away: “Don’t touch me!”Back at the fábrica, Rodrigo feels humiliated through Rebeca’s reaction as soon as she witnessed him. She practically kicked him out! Amador tells him not to worry. Rebe embraced him back. “How go you convince her? “By telling her that the fábrica needs someone experienced (hehehe!) and trustworthy (hehehe!) to change Marcelo.” Rodrigo believes Rebe will never ever trust the again after ~ what he did come Lucía and also Nora. Amador assures him the Rebe doesn’t offer two flying hoots around Lucía, however she did warn him to warn Rodrigo to continue to be away native Nora. Rodrigo would never touch Nora v a ten-foot pole. However, he is ready to relocate heaven and earth to victory over Lucía. Amador likes the sound of that. “Did they bring you your coffee?” Rod states no. Amador goes into the corridor and also hollers: “Normita! Where’s the coffee?”Marcelo is at Casa Gaxiola. Lucía runs below excited to watch him and show the Plot Earring. Lock hug and she speak him just how happy she is he is free. She has so much to call him. Therefore does he. You go first! he tells her she to be right. The is without doubt responsible that what happened to her dad and of plenty of other things. “No, Marcelo. I was emotion awful and also I was an extremely unfair to you. I discovered the sign I...” “Please allow me finish! i swear that it was never my on purpose to damage anyone yet my decision to concerned Puebla in quest of one absurd revenge has actually hurt a many people, specifically you.” “Why room you informing me all this?” “Because the the truth. Ns clung come you (aferrarse) and also tried to pressure things but it’s time for me to leaving you alone.” “Did you avoid loving me?” He actions closer and caresses she face: “No, no, my love. No, Lucía. That would certainly never ever before happen. But I realized the I’m no the male who have the right to make girlfriend happy.” “Marcelo, you are the only guy I desire to it is in with, forever!” “And you’re the just woman for me!” Smoocheroo. That interrupts the kiss and, fighting back tears, the says: “But there space too countless things that prevent us from gift together. Lucía, ns wish you the an extremely best. Ns hope friend are an extremely happy. Ns promise i won’t bother you again.” that walks away and she chases after him: “No, no, no! Marcelo!” the hesitates because that a 2nd but continues walking in the direction of the door. She cries the end to him, can not to contain her sobs: “Marcelo! nothing leave!” He leaves nonetheless because the writers made decision so. A ruined Lucía sit at the bottom that the stairs that doom and weeps with abandon. If it’s any consolation, here’s a nugget that wisdom that has helped many people survive romantic disappointment: “Si amas a alguien, déjalo ir. Si regresa, es porque alguien más también lo dejó ir. Es decir que nadie quiere a esa porquería. If friend love someone, permit them go. If they come back, it’s since someone rather let them go together well. In other words, nobody desires that item of trash.” Thank you for visiting our patio.

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