Audiences from about the civilization witnessed background on the discovery show Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live, together a team the Egyptian archaeologists and explores uncovered a 2,500-year-old mummy the a high priest.

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The two-hour live event also uncovered antiquities, including a secret wax head and two various other mummies.

“This is exploration at its finest – moving fans into new worlds v awe-inspiring stories and also immersive experiences. That doesn’t acquire much an ext immersive than this,” said Nancy Daniels, cook brand officer, discovery & Factual.

The real-life adventure, i beg your pardon was likewise simulcast on travel Channel and also Science Channel, gave viewers an possibility to sign up with an actual archeological excavation in real time. The present explored a labyrinth of secret tombs and witnessed the inner chambers the the remote funeral site well-known as Al-Ghorifa in center Egypt, located around 165 miles south of Cairo.

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Adventurer and also avid traveler Josh Gates and Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass discover the deep tunnels underground; while TV personality kris Jacobs and also Dr. Mostafa Waziri, the secretary-general of the can be fried Council of Antiquities of Egypt, listed commentary.

“This has actually been such an exceptional experience,” stated Gates, following the live worldwide broadcast. “There aren’t many people who can say they’ve gone down into unexplored ancient tombs, specifically with a life legend like Dr. Hawass. We were able to paper spectacular artifacts and also mummies and bring viewers follow me in genuine time. It was the thrill of a lifetime.”

“Never in mine 50 years in archaeology have actually I competent something on such a grand range as this,” Dr. Hawass said. “The findings here are completely special and totally unique. This is what keeps me going. The is what keeps me feeling young and alive!”

This old Egyptian necropolis has actually long continued to be a secret until now. In 1927, one antiquities inspector an initial discovered the sarcophagus of a high priest in this area. However, the sarcophagus was robbed and the mummy to be missing. In this historical moment, discovery cameras to be rolling live in ~ the dig website as the mummy of a powerfulhigh priest was revealed.

During the live broadcast, viewers additionally had the thrill that coming face to confront with two other mummies that appear to be straight connected, the an initial of which was a woman mummy based on the artifacts discovered in a cut above ground.

The 2nd mummy was discovered inside the “Family Tomb,” the last resting ar of an entire family native 2,500 year ago. The family Tomb likewise included such unique objects as an ancient Egyptian plank game, the stays of a household dog, and also four undamaged canopic jars offered to store a mummy’s organs. When the 2nd mummy was no a high monk or totally preserved, the objects within the tomb and also inscriptions top top his sarcophagus disclose that he was a singer in the temple of an Egyptian god recognized as Thoth.

Besides recognize the mummies at the site, Dr. Hawass revealed to Josh gateways for the very first time a mysterious wax head the they believe is the mold of “Irt Hrw,” one of the high priests. This especially wax head is the exact cast of a 2,500-year-old high monk mummy .

“I can never have ever before imagined what a unique journey this has actually been. We’ve to be the an initial to watch these amazing ancient treasures. However maybe the most impressive point of all is how much there is left come explore. Ns am really happy the the regime was seen by millions of civilization from about the world. We are sending vital message the Egypt is safe and also we invite tourists to come,” said Dr. Waziri, the secretary-general of the supreme Council the Antiquities the Egypt.

The epic occasion was produced by big Dreams Entertainment through Leslie Greif as executive producer, exploration Studios and also Ping Pong Productions.

“Nineteen years ago, we opened up the valley of the golden Mummies live top top television. And also now, almost twenty years later, Dr. Hawass referred to as with an additional discovery of the magnitude the deserved one more live broadcast. We’re dazzling to be part of these two epic events here in Egypt,” claimed EP Leslie Greif.

Expedition Unknown: Egypt Livekicks off the return of an all-new season of expedition Unknown. The present is developed for discovery Channel by exploration Studios and also Ping Pong Productions in association with huge Dreams Entertainment. For large Dreams Entertainment, Greif is executive, management producer. For discovery Studios, Sandy Varo Jarrell, Peter Isacksen and also Jason Sklaver serve as executive producers. Because that Ping Pong Productions, Brad Kuhlman, Casey Brumels and Josh entrances are executive, management producers. For discovery Channel, Howard Swartz is executive producer.

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