Bust - plunder the tape about your chest in ~ the armpits, over the fullest component of her chest and also shoulder blades.

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Waist - wrap the tape roughly the organic waist, the the smallest part, i beg your pardon is around an inch above the ship button. Keep one finger between the tape and your body.

Hips - wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips across the hip bone.
Thigh - Measurement roughly the widest part of your thigh.

5Shoulder width
Shoulder broad - measurement from her left shoulder come your appropriate shoulder on the back.
Bicep - Measurement roughly the widest part of your top arm.

7Arm length
Arm length - measure up from her shoulder to her wrist.
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● This Clover cheerleader costume has two items: a top and a skirt.
● Cheerleader in the bring It top top film. Clovers - a i know good hop squad from eastern Compton.



Product Number CBIO1812CL
Included Items Top, skirt
Material Spandex
Return Eligible Yes
Available Internationally Yes

The costume consists of the top and skirt. That is made of spandex.

Product Review

By Gary Benyachou

Jul 25 2020

Je dois dire que la qualité est très bonne, le colis est très bien emballé et il est arrivée to add tôt que prévu.

By Povoire BOUVET

Mar 17 2020

C"est to water la première fois que j"achète chez vous et je veux dire que c"est vraiment bon! Le costume ne me désespère pas!

By Caroline PELTIER

Feb 11 2020

Le cosplay est magnifique. La couleur et la longueur me convient parfaitement.

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