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Each time you loss in loveIt’s plainly not enoughYou sleep all day and also drive out in L.AIt isn’t safeAnd each time you kiss a girlYou never before know what it’s worthYou say every one of the words they wanna hearIt isn’t realShe took you for a ride in summer babyLost all your money to herAll I wanna understand is if you love herHow come you never give inEach time you have actually a dreamYou never before know what it meansYou see that open up road and also never understand which way to goAnd each time you autumn in loveIt’s clearly not enoughYou sleep all day and drive out in L.AIt isn’t safe Know what this song is about? Does it intend anything special hidden between the lines to you? Share your definition through area, make it interesting and handy. Make certain you"ve check out our basic tips

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