Short Version: ns really struggled with this one. As someone that is notoriously cheap, I had actually serious reservations about reviewing a vacuum cleaner that has actually an MSRP the $549. Ns mean, seriously? What can make this details vacuum so much better then the old standby bagless that i picked up for $100 in ~ the neighborhood retail store. Well, I’m here to tell you: ns was wrong. The Dyson DC25 animal is a good vacuum cleaner, and also if you have the right to afford one – purchase it.

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Never loses suctionBall an innovation makes it simple to maneuverAnimal model picks up pet hair favor nobody’s business


Seriously, it never ever loses suctionAttachments actually workDust catcher is really easy to remove


PriceNo wherein to affix the mini-turbine attachmentPrice

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Full Review:So what could make a vacuum therefore cool the it’s worth $549? Well, I’m right here to phone call you that the Dyson yes, really sucks. Hard. In fact, the first time you usage it, you’ll be seriously surprised in ~ the quantity of dust and also dirt it’ll pull out of her carpet. A tiny backstory – ns live in Nevada, and we have actually dust. It’s just part of life, we have dust storms, wind, and all kinds of nasty weather. As a an outcome no matter exactly how clean you keep your house, friend still gain dust. I’ve had actually various various other brands of vacuums in the past, and they did a reasonable job, but I was fairly honestly surprised at exactly how well the DC25 cleans. When I moved right into my existing home, the had brand-new carpet. For this reason I’m an extremely much aware of the period of the cheap carpet the we put down. The Dyson was able to actually gain back some that the nap that the carpet, come the allude that it in reality felt favor new.

The model I’m reviewing this particular day is the DC25 Animal. This details model is especially designed for people with pets, and we have 3 cat in mine household. As a result, we get cat hair everywhere, and also it’s a pains to keep the furniture clean. One point that has constantly annoyed me around other vacuum cleaners is the attachments. Why on planet do they bother to encompass that miniature “upholstery brush” that is an alleged to spin using the force of the suction, but it never ever works? Well, I’m right here to phone call you that the Dyson version works. This means that ns don’t have actually to set the couch cushions on the floor and also vacuum them, I can just plug the expansion hose right into the mini-turbine, and also it spins. Not just that, but when I in reality touch the mini-turbine come the couch fabric, it keeps spinning. This to be literally the function that make me go, “yeah, this vacuum is precious the money”.

All is not perfect with the DC25 though, there were a couple of points that annoyed me. Specifics the mini-turbine doesn’t attach to the vacuum anywhere. You need to put it what safe, and hope girlfriend don’t forget whereby you placed it. ~ above cheaper vacuum cleaners it snaps onto the human body of the cleaner, I’m no really certain why that’s not the situation with the Dyson. The other problem is through the key beater. If friend (or your far-ranging other) has long hair, sooner or later you’re walk to need to clean the beater. And also the disassembly procedure to acquire at the beater is a pain. The course, that’s no a problem particular to the Dyson, yet I supposed it to have actually some kind of magic tongue that would certainly make the hair not wrap approximately the beater brush. Probably in the following version.

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Conclusion: i really, really favor the Dyson. Ns was ready to i disbanded it as an overpriced gimmick, but I’m in reality happy come say that i was wrong. Regardless of the price, the Dyson DC25 animal is basic to recommend to people. It’s a truly good product that does specifically what they show it law on the commercials. My hat is off to you, James Dyson.