Hello everyone, and welcome come “Spoiler Alert,” a PSLS original feature that offers the game stations LifeStyle community a safe place to come and discuss spoilers around various games, while offering spoiler-filled videos of the endings and other major plot points. If you desire to see the recent games’ end and talk about it, you’ve pertained to the right place!

Dying Light released an ext than a year ago, however it’s latest growth just released last week. The Following watch Kyle Crane steering a buggy about the farmland filled landscape of Harran. Placing the vehicular slaughter of countless zombies aside, The Following is a story the Kyle adhering to up ~ above a lead for a potential cure because that the virus, and we’re spring at exactly how that story plays out. 

Be warned, from below forward over there are significant spoilers because that Dying Light: The Following.

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If you don’t desire to be spoiled, rotate away now. If friend haven’t check out our SPOILER FREE review, you must click right here to go check it out. 

Here’s a snapshot of a grotesque zombie warding you turn off from the finishing details. After the jump, the spoiler begin. Final warning.


At the finish of Dying Light: The Following, Kyle confronts The Mother and also finds her to it is in a sentient Volatile who can manage herself when in the light, yet becomes feral in the dark. Ideal given the theme of the game, right? that cure he to be after would eventually turn mankind right into monsters and also The mommy insists that the only means to finish it is sacrifice. So what’s a guy to do? Well, you’re offered two choices. 

Hitting R1 reasons Kyle come defy The Mother. She forces him come drink a vial the the “cure,” giving him Volatile abilities because that the last confrontation. Our very own Mack Ashworth caught the final battle and ending sequence here.

Pressing L1 provides you the sacrifice ending, which prevents the boss fight altogether. You deserve to watch that finishing play out in the video below.

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And of food if you desire to skip even handling The Mother and her cult that followers, you can effectively cause a mystery ending by collecting a couple of items scattered roughly the countryside. We detail that procedure in our quick Tips video right here. 

It seems that no issue which finishing you walk with, Kyle Crane’s story in Harran has pertained to a close. Hope this means Techland is hard at job-related on a monitor up, probably in a various location and also featuring different characters. Feel complimentary to talk about game spoiler in the comment below, and check out an ext Dying Light: The Following Easter eggs favor the take care of Potter ghost in our fast tips video series. 

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