It’s true! As of today, you can no longer purchase the Dressing Your Truth online course.

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You could be asking: Why?! There’s a great reason that I’m excited to share via you. Watch this 60-second video to discover out:

Start counting down! I’ll share best announcement yet in a few weeks.

Q: If I bought the Dressing Your Truth course, will I still be able to accessibility it?A: Yes! If you currently purchased the DYT virtual course, you will have the ability to watch all the videos and revolutions. The only point that’s been shut down is a brand-new purchase of the course. Thank you for being part of our community!

Q: I’m a Lifestyle member. Will I still be able to accessibility Lifestyle content?A: Yes! We’re constantly adding new content to your Lifestyle library. Please join us on the site, share your comments, and visit the exclusive Facebook web page. We’re thousands of woguys solid and also we’re not going anywhere!

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