Hello, I'm currently level 11 warrior and best before the male from the cult of andraste asks you to defile the urn. I'm trying to defy the cult yet every time I attempt to my party gets absolutely traburned within minutes bereason of the meras. My current party is Alistair, Morrigan, and also Zevran.

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Are you fighting them inside or outside? If you can convince them to go external, the fight is much easier.

I think Leliana just actually fights you if you attempt to defile the Urn, not just if you agree to aid him. (Though perhaps I supplied some persuasion options there?)

You deserve to agree to aid him but then not actually perform it. He confronts you after that, needs an explacountry, and you have the right to fight him then.

Usually for the fight at the first encounter through Kolgrim through a party choose yours:

Mperiods are indeed the biggest threat right here. Morrigan, Zevran, and your Warden must remove them first.

Alistair need to therefore attempt to aggro Kolgrim and also the various other melee adversaries.

More especially making use of a guess regarding what construct you are on (mentioned Cold and Lightning for Morrigan):

Morrigan must attempt to use Camong Cold instantly on Kolgrim and melee, then aid Warden and Zevran.

Warden and Zev should each B-Line for a mage and also attempt to use Dirty Fighting to stun them, then backstab as much as feasible.

Alistair must attempt to draw aggro from Kolgrim and melee.

Ideally Morrigan should probably be in in between mperiods and melee opponents to aid CC either. Shock is actually a decent electric spell below for dropping mana or strength from opponents.

Probably what will certainly happen is that the mages will certainly unfortunately at least briefly disable a character each as the fight starts, which is what makes this enrespond to challenging, and also why it is finest to get rid of them as quick as you deserve to. IIRC they usage Misdirection hex (screws melee, irpertinent to mage) and or cold, paralyze, etc.

Ideally you would certainly have a mage in the party via Fireball (best all about single spell in the game IMO) or glyph combo for Paralysis Explosion to take the foe meras out of the fight best ameans so that rogues have the right to get into place to drop them rapid, or mperiods have the right to throw out even more damage to nuke them.

Utility warriors favor SnS or 2H have to most likely attend to foe melee initially. Somewhat complace dependent because 2H have the right to also resolve mages fairly well depending on just how they are constructed. Ideally Alistair need to be in Templar or Knight Commander Plate by now (last is finest at an early stage game warrior armor easily).

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DAO deserve to be punishing to particular build orders, formats, and also compositions as soon as you go to harder areas rather early, as you are finding out.