We"re all accustomed to gaining medication from the pharmacist or visiting a physician as soon as we are sick.

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Ever taken into consideration - how great actually are all these artificial drugs for you​?

While antibiotics strike and also destroy the bacteria in your body, they also annihilate the healthy bacteria (gut flora) in your digestive track.

Once you are open to the human being of natural healing and see success as I perform, there is no turning ago.

And my best online health mentor in this location is Dr Josh Axe.

About this Site

DrAxe.com is a webwebsite dedicated to offering all natural wellness tip and write-ups relating to Natural Remedies, Healthy Recipes and various other health and wellness referrals favor important oils.



Dr Josh Axeis a certified doctor of natural medication, physician of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist.

He runs the second-a lot of went to organic health website in the world​, helping human being favor you and me for all information about natural health.

Startup Story

When Dr Axe was 13 years old, his mom was diagnosed via breastern cancer.

And bereason she was a gym teacher, swim instructor and an energetic mom who looked healthy, it was unfathomable why she had actually cancer​.

She went with chemo, aged two decades in 2 weeks, and also after pushing on through the treatments for months, she was diagnosed cancer free and healthy and balanced.

Even so, she struggled via chronic fatigue, depression, constipation and was sick all the moment. All of this for the next 10 years.

As Dr Axe grew up and also studied organic medicine, at some point, he received a speak to from her.

She’d just been told by her doctor that they uncovered a 2.5 cm mass on her lungs, and also from the scan, they believed it was cancer and also they were recommfinishing surgical procedure and radiation,

Instead of going earlier to the traditional course, shedetermined to follow his advice and also take a organic approach.

She went back for a checkup four months later, and also to the doctor’s amazement, the tumors had actually shrunk in fifty percent. One year later the tumors were completely gone!

Amiddle getting right into the human being of herbal medication, helping his patients and also healing his mom from cancer with his organic techniques, he also produced an authoritative website dedicated to sharing all his understanding with the civilization.

Detailed Articles on All Things Natural Health

His website is full of articles that cater to prevalent health syndromes that many of us face, often unknowingly.

From his posts, I"ve learnt to heal my leaky gut, combat candida overdevelopment and also mostly adjust to a healthier diet.​

I"ve come to realise that antibiotics are my health"s foe, and carefully making food choices have actually made me healthier that I"ve ever before been all my life.​

I"ve additionally learnt all about crucial oils and how they are a potent, healthy way to normally assist our body from negative wellness problems.


Treasure Trove on Natural Remedies

I absolutely love his section on organic remedies, as it"s often here that I keep coming ago to whenever before I face certain wellness syndromes.

More often than not, I acquire to understand also the underlying factors for that wellness problem, and also treat it with herbal techniques instead of chemically produced drugs.​


Healthy Recipes - Eat Right and also Stay Healthy!

Staying healthy is even more than simply reenergetic remedying of symptoms.

Proproactively improving your diet could be the many prodiscovered ​positive readjust you can make to your health!

There"s a ton of ​healthy and balanced recipes that you can adopt from his website also.


Infographics to Help You Remember the Health Tips

Dr Axe"s write-ups are IN DEPTH.

They typically define the rationale behind problems, what standard medication does to us, what supplies and also benefits of miscellaneous natural health and wellness techniques.

How does one remember all this?

He likewise adds worth by producing a ton of infographics so you have the right to always pin to your Pinteremainder or conserve in your area to refer to​.

Free Training through Webinars

Prefer a more interactive means of learning?

Dr Axe likewise holds webinars to educate human being ​on assorted health topics.


Facebook Live Discussions

He likewise has actually an energetic area on Facebook and also other social media channels.

Facebook Live is the latest thing he is doing, engaging in live discussions with his Facebook audience.​

How it Makes Money

WHOA! Let"s take a chill pill(pun intended).

With all these FREE information Dr Axe offers, does he make any type of money at all?​

Health Products - Supplements, Essential Oils & more

As even more and also even more readers review and also trust the indevelopment Dr Axe produces, I consistently check out them asking "wbelow can I buy (insert product)?"

So it made feeling for Dr Axe to put together his very own ecommerce keep, so his fans deserve to ​purchase products directly from him.

And Dr Axe takes utmost treatment in partnering via choose minded industry herbal health and wellness peopleto produce his bone broth proteins, Numa brand also of necessary oils and so on.

You can likewise visit Dr Axe"s keep through this referral connect below to acquire $20 off your initially purchase.

Affiliate Revenue - Income from Sharing Others" Products

Before producing his own brand also of assets, Dr Axe also routinely refers world to various other good assets like Garden of Life"s totality food based vitamins.

That"s just an easy WIN-WIN - because regularly, the health advice comes in addition to assets.

Dr Axe does have actually exceptionally high criteria, and will never recommfinish somepoint he does not personally think in.

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That"s also exactly how he continually grows and also engages via his audience who love and trust his advice.​

How It Is Doing

One word - AMAZING.

He has among the highest web traffic for a website/blog that I"ve ever viewed. (I most likely account for half of them :P)