Donkey Kong

Developer: Nintendo R&D1Publisher: NintendoPlatforms: NES, Famicom disk SystemReleased in JP: July 15, 1983 (Famicom), April 8, 1988 (FDS)Released in US: June 1986Released in EU: October 15, 1986

This game has unused graphics.

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This video game has unused items.
This game has revisional differences.

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Donkey Kong doesn"t really need lot of an introduction. Despite lacking an whole level (the so-called "pie factory"), the NES port is otherwise faithful come the arcade original.


Unused Sprites


Lurking in ~ the ROM are a handful of objects that never show up anywhere. The first two seem to be beforehand versions that the handbag and parasol; the hat appears in the arcade version, however not the NES port; and the ostrich of flowers doesn"t appear in any version, though it probably would have served the same function (bonus points) as the other items.


Sprites the Mario and also Pauline sitting, perhaps meant because that a different ending.

Revisional Differences

Revision 0 vs review 1


To do:There are an ext code differences..

In the original Revision 0 version, Mario cannot move at all when the D-Pad is organized diagonally. In the an ext common review 1 version, the controller reading code was boosted so the the very first direction pressed has priority: if the D-Pad is rolling from Up/Down to diagonal Mario will certainly not begin walking, but if the D-Pad is rolled from Left/Right to diagonal line he will certainly not protect against walking.

Animal crossing Release

The controls have actually been contempt modified therefore the player deserve to press Up and Down to move between alternatives at the location screen.

Original Edition

Shortly after the game"s release, the ROM was extracted indigenous its WAD container and distributed online, in ~ which point it was discovered that initial Edition is nothing more than a hack of the initial retail ROM...and a rather sloppy one in ~ that.

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Title ScreenNES3DS initial Edition pre-patchOriginal Edition


50M (the "pie"/cement factory), typically omitted from cheat Kong harbor of the 1980s due to memory limitations, is present.