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You're wondering ifI care about youIs there some causeThat I have to doubt youOh, I can view, boyThat you don't understand me very wellUh uh, you're so unsureAnd you run below and also thereTo ask my feelingsFriends only guessThey can't say really, ohDon't ask my neighborsDon't ask the friends I hang around(Never before ask the friends I hang around)Uh uh, don't be afraidTo come to me (pertained to me)Don't ask my neighborsCome to me (involved me)Don't be afrhelp ofWhat you'll see (what you'll see)You'll uncover I love you (ooh, I love you)Come to me (concerned me)Don't be afraid
You ask all my friendsIf I'm the very same, boyYou don't understandYou think I'm transforming, ohhDon't ask my neighbors(Don't ask my neighbor)Don't ask the friends I hang around(Never before ask the friends I hang around)Uh uh (no) don't be afraid(Never) to concerned me (come on)Don't ask my next-door neighbors (ooh, ooh)Come to me (come on, come on)Don't be afrassist of what you'll see(I'll make you feel at ease, baby)You'll discover I love you (ooh, hoo)Come to me (come on)Don't be afraidI, I will certainly, ooh.....Don't ask my neighborsCome to me (come on)Don't be afrhelp of what you'll seeYou'll uncover I love youCome to me (baby)Don't be afraid
Hurry, pertained to meCome to me, come to meDon't ask my neighbors(I'll be real) concerned meDon't be afraid of what you'll seeYou'll discover I love youCome to me, don't be afraid

The Hard by Freddie Gibbs (Ft. Dana Williams), Cosmic Womb by Peacedevices & Retro Void by Peacemakers
Don't Ask My Neighbors by Tisha Campbell (Ft. Tichina Arnold) & Don't Ask My Neighbors by Nancy Wilson

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