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If you’re in search of a an excellent destination for her bachelor party, you should think about Sosua, Dominican Republic. Return Sosua has actually experienced some setbacks in current years, consisting of a federal government crackdown on prostitution and huge clubs and bars, the Dominican Republic in basic has delighted in the fastest-economy in Latin America since 2015, and an ext than 3.4 million American and also European (mostly from Germany) tourists still visit the nation each year due the is spectacular multicolored sandy beaches, crystal-clear calm ocean waters and also exciting water sporting activities of every types. The American dollar is additionally very strong in the Dominican Republic wherein the expense of living is fully one-third listed below the united States, definition your bachelor party dollars will go much farther here.

A large community of west expatriates likewise fuels a little but flourishing nightlife in Sosua making it an exciting location for a memorable bachelor party. To help you decide if Sosua is best for your bachelor party by offering you v the genuine nitty-gritty, this post discusses just how to get there, some of the finest place come party, and other prices that you should aspect in your decision. An to update report top top massage parlors and strips clubs is followed by current reports concerning the best entertainment losers in the city. Some an useful advice around prostitution in Sosua consisting of average price is followed by a description concerning available daytime activities and the finest places come party and stay. Finally, other essential information that you should think about including best and worst times to visit, crime in Sosua and tips for maintaining safe are followed by a conclusive testimonial of Sosua as a bachelor party destination.

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How To get There


There are countless cheap flights easily accessible to Sosua virtually no issue where you lived in North America, however travel time can take more than 11 hours and also there space very few non-stop flights easily accessible to Puerto Plata’s Gregorio Luperón international Airport (airport code: POP) from the United states at present.


Things come Do

Daytime activity Ideas

Most of the daytime activities easily accessible in Sosua room water-based given the city’s safeguarded bays, colorful coral reefs, and also pristine beaches. No surprisingly, there are all of the supposed activities available such as cruises, party boats, glass-bottom boats, scuba diving and snorkeling, yet Sosua likewise offer severe waters port in the kind of flyboard jet skis as we explain below.


Sosua Beach features golden-sand beaches and crystal-clear calm water and also colorful sea life that make that perfect because that swimming, whale watching or snorkeling. Glass-bottom boat excursions, deck chairs, and also other tools rentals are additionally available.

Although windier than Sosua Beach, beach Alicia functions pristine water and sandy beachfronts, and it is much less crowded. Fewer amenities are available compared come Sosua Beach, though, for this reason be certain to bring your very own beach umbrellas and also chairs.


If you’ve ever before wanted to walk scuba diving, Aqua Adventures by Scuba Dive Sosua is the perfect agency for you. Owned and operated by a indigenous resident the Sosua who is a certified diving instructor, underwater photographer and fishing overview with more than 5,000 dives come his credit, this company also features adventures to local dive web page of interest, consisting of the “Airport Wall” which is widely pertained to as the best dive spot in Sosua. The prices are right at Aqua Adventures as well, beginning at just $50 because that a solitary dive and $40 every dive for 5 dives or much more including all required scuba tools for certified divers; certification class are likewise offered for just $70 which contains pool training and also a solitary dive. A 1- come 1-1/2 hour snorkeling suffer is also offered for simply $25 per person which likewise includes all necessary equipment.

Caribbean sensations by ORC features too much water sports including flyboard jet skis that allow you and also your friends to fly prefer Iron male (check the end their pictures and videos on their Facebook web page to see what us mean). This attraction also offers flyboard class by certified instructions. This task looks choose the many fun you can possibly have actually with your pants on.

Likewise, Northern coast Aquasports provides excursions come Paradise Island and the ill-named Du Du Caverns as well snorkeling, diving, dive courses and instructions.

Local Daytime Attractions

If the weather is unsuitable or you like an alternative to watersports, there still many of exciting daytime activities in Sosua for you and also your bachelor party friends. For example, Monkey Jungle and also Zip Adventures is located just 6 mile from Sosua and is open up 7 job a mainly year-round. This attraction features a heart-stopping 4,500-foot certified zip line with 7 stations that encompass a 60-foot deep old cave. More than 30 free-ranging squirrel monkeys scamper approximately a 5-acre factory garden and will sit on her head and also shoulders come pose for photos (be sure to gain a snapshot of the groom). Every proceeds from this attraction are used to support medical/dental clinics and pharmacies in arising nations. Be certain to take it cash since Monkey tropical doesn’t currently accept credit cards yet no appointments are required.

Nightlife task Ideas

Rumbas – bars/club/sports bar, with a lot of televisions; additionally gets all American sports (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB)

Field reports likewise indicate that Bar main is a good place to satisfy women who will party with you. In addition, this bar also has rooms because that rent (about US$8.00 an hour or US$12 because that 3 hours).

The bar at City lights Hotel & Lodging in Sosua is additionally highly rated together a an excellent place for solitary guys. City Lights features mostly warm Haitian girls that will invest the night v you for between $30 and $40 (see an ext information under Extracurricular tasks below).

Massage Parlors / piece Club

The town has removed a most these point out in the past couple of years, including two of our readers’ favorites, Passions and CMP. It appears the government is do the efforts to remove these types of activities, although every the nightclubs over there basically room brothels.

Where come Stay


Hotels / Resorts

Based top top research and also feedback native readers, this resorts appear to it is in bachelor party-friendly.

Blackbeards Adult will in Costambar, Puerto Plata is a full-service resort situated in nearby Costambar in a gated beachside community. Blackbeards is non-inclusive resort yet features the renowned Drunken Parrot Restaurant & sports Bar, a tropical swimming pool, a isolated Jacuzzi, and also three bars including the Crows colony Bar for late-night partying. Every accommodations function air conditioning and ceiling fans, cable and also HDTVs as well as mini bar refrigerators and cost-free lock boxes. The resort’s white sand beaches room also great for relaxing and watersports. 

Bay City Condos in Sosua is a 15-room upscale hotel the is a popular location for tourists. Wonderful restaurant offers Caribbean-style cuisine through a twist, and Bay City’s large swimming pool, complimentary WiFi and also wide selection of accommodation species (some include kitchenettes) do this a good place for a bachelor party. In addition all accommodations are air conditioned and feature flat-screen televisions and cost-free high-speed net service. Over there is a minimum 3-night stay, but it is within walking distance

In addition, club Residencial tourist Condo attributes a 54-apartment compound with a bar, restaurant, two an excellent swimming pools, deck chairs and also breakfast tables. In addition, this resort offers 24-hour security and has its very own generator for this reason you and your buddies won’t need to worry around power outages the can impact the rest of Sosua. The resort is only a 15-minute walk indigenous Sosua Beach and also just a 10-minute drive from the airport. Standard apartment rental prices start at simply $49 come $59 per day year-round (these rates encompass a fan however air air conditioning will price you one extra $14 per day, a cheap considering the alternative, especially during the summer months).

View all Hotels and Resorts in Sosua

Rental residences / Villas

Based top top research and feedback indigenous readers, these villas show up to it is in bachelor party-friendly.

3-bedroom Villa in Sosua, Dominican Republic

4-bedroom Villa in Sosua, Dominican Republic

4-Bedroom Villa in Sosua, Dominican Republic

4-8 Bedroom Villa in Sosua, Dominican Republic

5-Bedroom Villa in Sosua Dominican Republic v Staff Included

6-Bedroom Villa in Sosua, Dominican Republic (allows a max of 7 guys)

View all Rental residences in Sosua

Optional Villa Fees

High-end Villa Rentals include armed security and daily maid service.

Chef $45-50 per day not including food, three meals every day, up to 5 persons, $10 each additional person


When come Go

Best Time

December – April is optimal season. This method clubs space packed, an ext people, an ext girls, an ext fun? down sides: Hotel, villa, and also “Pay for Play” prices are higher.

Make sure you publication 4-5 months in breakthrough to get finest rates because that flights and accommodations.

On a Budget

May – Hotels and also Villas are normally 1/2 price, yet off peak crowds, definition the beach and nightlife room not as fun.

Worst Time

June – November. Rain season. Although prices are much cheaper for everything, the beaches and bars/clubs space empty.

Regardless of when you decide to come, make certain you include a Thursday – Saturday evening in your itinerary as even during the slow times these nights tend to it is in busier. Large clubs in Sousa remain open until 3:00 a.m.

Current Weather

What Else

Things to Pack

Biggest entertainment Losers

These tourist favorite spots that years ago in Sosua, Dominican Republic have now to be closed through the government and also are no longer open in 2014.

Extracurricular Activities

Prostitution: Legal, however third-parties do money from prostitution (e.g., pimping or procuring) is illegal. Beautiful Dominican and also Haitian girl of all shapes, sizes, and colors are obtainable everywhere, though, at bargain-basement prices. Negotiate in development and salary them afterwards. Don’t leave anything an important lying around if you take them to her hotel room. Poor is endemic in the suburban locations surrounding Sosusa wherein most people lack to run water and electricity and also hookers might be tempted come steal from also long-term client from the U.S. And Europe who they regard as rich. The average price for an overnight continue to be (some that the women will certainly wake you increase in a extremely friendly manner) and then have actually breakfast through you) is in between $50 and also $100 Street women are usually cheaper, but usually have actually diseases and also have a reputation of stealing indigenous you. The best places to meet hot females (‘chicas”) include City Lights and Bar main (see above).

Gambling: There room two casinos in Sosua.

Illicit drugs: Marijuana and also most various other illicit drugs are easily accessible but they room generally negative quality. More importantly, the possession of any kind of AMOUNT that pot or other illicit drugs is a punishable criminal violation in the Dominican Republic and also even straightforward possession of 20 grams or less have the right to land you in jail for 6 months and also a RD$1,500 fine (about US$32). In addition, custom-mades authorities have actually the right to inspect your baggage entering and departing the country, so we recommend steering clear of illicit drugs during your Sosua bachelor party.

Other Prices

Bottle prices at Clubs: 4000-6500 per bottle (approx $100 – 150 USD per bottle)Cuban Cigars – $400-2000 rd every cigar (approx $10 – $50 USD per cigar); perform not buy them on the street as they are fake. Cafe Cubano and also Super supervisor Liquor store are great spots to gain real Cuban cigars.

Big Events

Puerto Plata Carnival finish of January 2015 – February 2015, every weekend different events.


It has been documented on various websites the a number of tourists and foreign investors have been eliminated in the past three years, one website maintaining a counting which runs about 38, and also the recent being in February 2014. You re welcome remember that this is a 3rd world country, so gift flashy about your money deserve to lead to problems. As lengthy as you take trip in groups and also stay out of problem you will certainly be fine. Remember this nation depends on tourism as a major source of its revenues. Girlfriend will view a huge police presence in the locations frequented by tourists. The city of Sosua and the nation of Dominican Republic space not noted on the U.S. Take trip Warning perform at this time.

Tips because that safetyDon’t wear jewelry or flash money.If major intoxication wake up (and you know it will) take trip in teams or invest the extra money and get security. See more information top top security and bodyguards above.

Important Contacts

Driver: Elias Anoa in ~ 809-842-5557; Puerto Plata plane (POP) $25US up to 5 people; Santiago airport (STI) $100US as much as 7 peopleDriver (also does security): Rosario  Puerto Plata airport (POP) ~$40US approximately 15 people; Santiago airport (STI) ~$100US as much as 15 people

Other Notes

The Dominican Republic needs that every visitors acquisition a $10.00 tourist map (valid because that 30-days) upon entry right into their country. This card is purchased in ~ the airport before baggage claim. The Dominican Republic also requires a $20.00 exit tax which is also collected at the airport. Some airlines incorporate this exit tax in the ticket price, so you re welcome ask your airline for much more information.

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Although Sosua is quiet a good bachelor party location, the past couple of years has actually resulted in its former “A” great being diminished to a “B.” The two areas most went to by bachelor parties, Passions and CMP, have actually been close up door by the local government. The continuing to be bars/clubs/sports bars had actually to build glass walls and doors, trapping in the hot air, and also losing the ocean breeze. The truth that over there is no air air conditioning in these establishments can do for a an extremely sweaty, uncomfortable evening especially when alcohol is involved. Nevertheless, there room bargain-priced world-class resorts easily accessible that feature air conditioning and also 24-hour protection so that you can your bachelor party buddies deserve to enjoy yourselves worry-free. The spectacular beaches and also high-energy ex-pat nightlife also add to this venue’s value as a bachelor party destination. Moreover, even far better nightlife avenues exist in Cabarete i m sorry is adjacent and lined through beautiful beaches. Be certain to carry out your due diligence around local laws and preparations and Sosua, Dominican Republic have the right to make her bachelor party an unforgettable experience.