Modern technologies permit performing a variety of operations concerned smartphones. Many of them leveling the procedure of interacting with the machine and increase its use greatly. Because that example, you can affix LG Stylo 6 to TV. Why do you require such a connection and also how perform you collection it up?

What room the benefits of Connecting LG Stylo 6 to TV?

LG Stylo 6 is a full-fledged multimedia machine that walk not require synchronization with residence appliances in typical use cases. However sometimes the smartphone demands to be linked to a TV in order to access the following features:

city hall videos on the big screen; listening to music with the TV speakers; gaming on the TV screen; display screen the smartphone home screen on TV; wireless TV control.

LG Stylo 6’s individuals can include a many to that list of possible options themselves. However the truth remains the connecting a phone come a TV is a function incorporated by the developers right into the LG Stylo 6.

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You have the right to use several synchronization methods to collection up a connection between the 2 devices. Both wired and also wireless options are available. The choice of a particular technique depends on miscellaneous reasons, including the technical devices of the house, and also the functionality of the TV. Therefore, it is recommended to consider all feasible methods prior to performing the connection.

Wired link Options

Wired approaches of connecting LG Stylo 6 come a TV space not the many convenient as they count on the use of cables, but at the very same time such choices do no require progressed technical equipment of the TV.


This is the easiest means to connect your phone call to your TV screen. To collection it up, the owner that LG Stylo 6 will require a USB cable the comes v the device.

Next, you have to insert one next of the cable right into the smartphone, and the other right into your TV. ~ that, you need to open the TV menu using the far control and also select the USB port in use in the connections menu.

At the same time, the exchange that data v the TV is evidenced on the smartphone itself, whereby you require to pick the connection as a media device. If whatever is excellent correctly, the TV will detect the LG Stylo 6 together an outside storage, so friend will be able to use the remote manage to display photos, audio and video clip on the TV screen.


This technique is much more complex, but more functional together well. If a USB connection offers users a basic set of capabilities, enabling the LG Stylo 6 to be offered as an external storage, pairing via HDMI lets the smartphone home display be presented on the TV screen, as the actions performed top top the phone call will additionally be displayed. Because that example, the use of particular apps.

The an obstacle of the method lies in the reality that LG Stylo 6 is no equipped v an HDMI port for connecting to a TV. Yet this drawback deserve to be addressed with the use of one MHL or SlimPort adapter. You can buy the corresponding accessory in one e-store for around $3.

The connection can be set up as follows:

The USB plug indigenous the MHL or SlimPort adapter is placed into the smartphone. The HDMI cable needs to connect the same components of the adapter and also receiver. The user requirements to open up TV setups and access the list of accessible connections. The HDMI connector used can then it is in selected.

If every little thing is excellent correctly, then the LG Stylo 6 home screen will be displayed on the TV. This lets you operate the smartphone, as your actions will be displayed on the TV screen.

Wireless connection Options

Ways of setup up a connection between devices without utilizing wires space the many convenient and popular. But in stimulate to attach LG Stylo 6 to a TV wirelessly, the latter must support Smart TV technology. Otherwise, you will just be maybe to attach the tools using a cable.

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi straight is a function supported by many smart TV models. It allows you to screen the photo from the screen of LG Stylo 6 to the TV. To set up this connection, you need to:

Activate Wi-Fi direct in the Network ar of the TV settings. Top top the phone, open the settings and go come the Wi-Fi section. Push the button with three dots top top it and select Wi-Fi Direct. Select your TV receiver native the food selection of easily accessible devices.

After performing this steps, girlfriend will should open a file manager or gallery, choose the forced file, click the share button and select Wi-Fi straight as the sending method.

Via Miracast

Miracast is one more wireless connection modern technology that has broader functionality contrasted to Wi-Fi Direct. Because that example, that is feasible to display screen not only a different file, but likewise all action performed in the phone menu on the TV screen.

To collection up this connection, you require to:

Activate Miracast in TV settings.

~ above the phone, go to the screen Mirroring or Wireless display screen settings (the surname of the section might differ depending on the firmware). Pick your TV native the accessible devices.

Then the picture from the smartphone display will be moved to the TV. Any action of the user, consisting of the beginning of individual gamings or apps, will certainly be displayed on the big screen.

If girlfriend were not able to uncover the Miracast function in the TV settings of her Smart TV, do not worry. The an innovation is sustained by every models through a built-in Wi-Fi module. You just need to affix the TV and the smartphone to the very same Wi-Fi network, and also then activate the wireless screen in the setups of your LG Stylo 6.

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You can also use third-party applications from Google play to execute this operation. Because that example, you can use AirScreen or display Mirroring. There are a lot of of comparable apps, therefore finding the appropriate one must not prove difficult.