Containment Seakid 1 Episode 11 Review: Nopoint Gold Can Stay

So Katie"s more than likely, the majority of likely dead. Cannerts" cure didn"t occupational. In truth, it may have actually made her die more easily and even more paincompletely than if the virus had taken its course. 

We haven"t watched as well many kind of deaths by the virus, but Katie"s was, by far, the a lot of brutal and also gut-wrenching and also not simply because of her connection to Jake and also the truth that she left a child behind. 

It was viscerally difficult to watch someone die favor that, and also I found myself thankful that I have no firsthand also expertise of what it"s prefer once someone dies from a deadly virus prefer this one while also feeling devastating for those human being that execute.

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One of David Gyasi"s repeated comments in our pre-Containment interviews was the methods in which it"s our mankind that leads to the spread of these devastating illnesses. We view someone experiencing and also instinctively we desire to reach out to consingle them, to offer comfort as they pass. 

But that simply spreads the virus also better, so what has to happen in order for these viruses which are absent a cure to die out is for tright here to be no call between sick and healthy individuals. To kill the virus we need to be willing to watch as our sick loved ones die what may be excruciating deaths.

Many of us can"t carry out that. Jake couldn"t carry out that. 

He had the benefit of a clean suit, yet he couldn"t sit by as Katie died alone in that room. He kbrand-new he needed to be inside, to host her while she passed, so he found a way to make it take place, and in doing so he had the ability to tell her that he loved her. 

The remainder of us had our hearts ripped out while we watched it all take place. 

Spoiler alert: the Belgian version of Katie died, as well. I had actually hoped that perhaps, maybe, Julie Plec would adjust her story slightly. That she would certainly bring Katie to the brink of death and also then return her to us through the cure taking effect in the last moments. 

I intend there"s still a miniscule opportunity that might take place and also what we experienced as Jake and also Katie kissed in the shower wasn"t her last believed. Maybe it was just the thought she had actually as she clutched his area suit and passed out to sleep off the narcotics that didn"t seem to be functioning at all while her body started to heal itself.

But that"s wishful reasoning and I understand it. I"ve recognized given that she coughed last week that she"d be dead. Probably because she cut her head on the van and also held Mary"s dead body in the highways.

On a display like this one, someone in your inner circle is going to die.

That"s simply just how it goes. The human being at Bitsdeserve to are insulated, only leaving once it"s an absolute requirement and also using the vacuum room when they reenter. They"re not the ones who are going to die.

We don"t really recognize enough about Bert and also Micheline to treatment extremely a lot around their outcomes, though either of them dying would be sad bereason both of them would certainly probably die and then Teresa and also Xander would really be all alone in the middle of this.

But still. Their deaths do not bring the emotional gravitas of either Jake or Katie"s death. Or of the deaths of any of the youngsters trapped in the hospital.

It had actually to be Katie. Even if I didn"t want it to be Katie. 

I"m just really bummed out by this, y"all, to the suggest that I do not even recognize if I want to proceed watching. I expect, I will bereason I can not stop now as soon as Containment Seakid 1 Episode 12 is the penultimate of the series, but man. What a sad, sad ending for Jake.

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He dropped in love with a woman who made him desire to continue to be and then he shed her. 

Sure, that"s how life happens periodically, but this is fiction and also when I"m watching fiction, I want to think in happy endings. Right now I simply don"t. 

Even if Cannerts finds a cure, it"s also late. Hundreds of civilization are currently dead and the virus is on its way to choking itself out. 

What he really requirements to carry out is figure out exactly how to clear his name and also reclaim his integrity. But then probably that"s the route Leo has actually collection Lex on with his pizza/key delivery. 

Maybe there"s still a means for Lex to blow the lid off of this point yet, and I, for one, sincedepend hope so. Maybe then Katie"s fatality will not have actually remained in vain.

Scale of 1 to 10, how heartbreaking was Katie"s death? (Did Julie Plec REALLY kill her??? WHY?) What"s behind the key Leo sent out Lex (and also don"t spoil it if you"ve watched the Belgian series, please!)? Sound off in the comments below and also don"t foracquire you can watch Containment online!