October 1, 2018

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Released: 12th SeptemberWriters: Sofi Tukker, James Patterson, NERVO, Alisa UenoTrivia: This song is like an electro-pop band Aid… other than instead of raising money for charity, its crucial purpose to be to offer iPhones (and be performed by the poo emoji). Brand-new York duo Sofi Tukker lugged together an international collective of DJs and also singers to produce the can be fried party scene soundtrack, nearly a caricature of dance music. Impressively, they managed to acquire the whole bunch together for the music video, which also features a choreographed dance regime on a huge hill.Best bits: 1. Do you wanna fulfill me in ~ the bar? Yah! Do you wanna accomplish me at the lounge? Yah! Do you wanna meet me at the club? Yah! Do you wanna fulfill me downtown? OK!2. That’s the means it is, that’s the means it goes, it’s just us two, it’s deja-vu, it’s what us know3. Every time you speak to on me, ns drop what ns do, you are my ideal friend and we’ve gained some shit to shoot

September 18, 2017

Taken from this week’s Future popular music mailer. Click below to subscribe.


Sofi Tukker is no what the seems, in more ways 보다 one. They’re in reality a duo, no a mrs solo artist, and also although their an initial two singles room in Portuguese, they’re both American and also met in ~ Brown University. Sophie Hawley-Weld and also Tucker Halpern currently live in NYC, and their music bring a brand-new York sheet to present European trends. Their best-known tune Drinkee, which obtained exposure via one Apple watch ad, sit somewhere between Feder and CSS. TheAddal remix of Drinkee has actually 900k dram on Soundcloud, and also the original version has actually done even much better on Spotify, v 4 million plays built up since it premiered critical summer. So much the track has actually been a fight in Italy and also Turkey, and the band are slowly structure industry buzz in the UK and US, with Beats 1 amongst their champions. They recently played a mystery showcase in London, and also will be in ~ SXSW later this month. Signed to The Knocks’ label HeavyRoc Music and also the same administration as Dragonette and also Cut Copy, Sofi Tukker room finding their location in the us electro-pop scene, yet their challenge will be to win over a tendency audience. The Portuguese lyrics give them a unique cool factor, but they may have to interpret that very same appeal right into their English-language monitor to access a larger audience.

My surname is Jessica and I occupational in the music industry in London discovering, developing and promoting new talent as part of Eye the the Storm.

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