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Elsa?*Knock on the door*Do girlfriend wanna execute some blow, man?Come on, let's snort part yay!Let's start with simply a line, or fourAnd then some more'Til we can't feeling our faceWe use to be coke buddiesAnd now we're notI wish you would sniff part whiteDo girlfriend wanna do some blow, man?It doesn't need to be some blow, manGo away AnnaLet's gain highI dislike it right here in mine room aloneThis cocaine's comes outta mine handsAnd dad proposedNobody deserve to know*Knock on the door*Do girlfriend wanna carry out some blow, man?I simply did favor a entirety eight ballYou know, I likewise brought part acid tooDropped a tab in ~ noonAnd now I'm tripping balls (Ahh)Let's watch My little PonyEat a bag the shroomsAnd watch the hrs tick by*Tick Tock mite Tock*Tick tock mite tock why room there so many fucking clocksIt's choose a Coldplay song, ns don't prefer it
>I don't want these cocaine hand anymore, DadThese sorority bitches want too much of itDon't touch me, I'm a childHow come mommy doesn't talk?*Anna slides through the door*Bitch, obtain away from my roomI'm yes, really lonely, I have no friendsFuck youOh bitch now, what's my nameAnd then their family got ~ above this large boatAnd they was in that step from \"A Perfect Storm\"Where the Daddy was George ClooneyAnd the ocean's prefer \"Yum, George Clooney's tasty\"And then the family was like, \"We don't choose paintings\"BlahBe us love rocksAnd that's exactly how Stonehenge to be started*Light hit on door*Elsa?Please, I understand you're in thereThere's so much trouble the I'm in*Sirens*I require a lawyerAnd a location to hideSo simply let me insideOr I'll obtain 5 to 10I'm glad we have actually each otherIt's simply you and also meWhat are we gonna do?Do girlfriend wanna execute some blow, man?It doesn't need to be some blow manWe have the right to do any type of drug you wantOr we could gum itI would certainly actually like thatMy neck is death meAre friend there, bitch?