I"m definetely a sailor kind that guy. Mine favourite is most likely the schooner. Ketches are great, too, it"s just not the exact same configuration appeal. Unless you are right into racing them.

This boat"s okay y"know? It"s not terrible, it"s no great, it"s just okay. And also in some ways that"s the worst kind of boat. It"s boring.

Here, lemme show you some pics of my yatch. Girlfriend haven"t viewed a good yatch until you"ve viewed my yatch. Where"s my iPhone?

< ... >


Just require the call lenses and also this one will be finished. I wanted to cosplay Izuru therefore meme. And also it"s finally done ;___; ns am for this reason happy xDD

I expect you prefer it :3

Sorry for being inactive lately ;___;

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:o you"re the ideal Izuru I"ve ever before seen! good job :)

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saki-hoshina writer

Oh mine god give thanks to you so much ;__; it means a lot!

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DR Senpai :bear:

Omg we discovered the genuine izuru kamukura! lastly where have you been all this time dude! every one of your fangirls were searching for you :weary: :joy: :sparkles: (love your cosplay soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! :scream: :heart_eyes: )

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saki-hoshina author

I was...taking care of mine beloved boats, however now you uncovered me :smirk:

Thank you so much >3 Read more

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