Solar Covers are a wonderful invention, but I’ve always added that they have actually a good bit that ‘hassle factor’, in your use. They have the right to be cumbersome to put on and off the pool, and also even an ext when the solar cover is 4-5 ft over ground.

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Today’s write-up highlights the plenty of sparks of genius from pool owners throughout the fruited plain, who have found ways to resolve the hassle element of solar blankets.

With a hat guideline to DIY pioneers, here’s ways to hack a solar swimming pool cover, in addition to regular retail methods to control them.

Solar Reels

Solar sheathe reels for over ground pools affix directly to the top rail that the pool, and also cross over the center of a round pool, and also for oval pools, placed throughout the pool, just before where the wall begins come curve.

The factor for this is crucial – ring covers or oval ends won’t attach neatly v the solar covering straps and clips, and pulling only on the facility of the cover could damage the cover.

When utilizing the pool, some above ground solar reels permits one human being to pivot the tube out of the way, or the reel can be removed completely by two people, and also placed together the pool. Over there are other options, however if the ceiling is no attached come the reel through a solar cover reel attachments kit, it can be tough to get the blanket to start rolling up, and to role tightly.


Solar Rollers

A solar roller is really simply the reel, there is no stands ~ above the end. For tiny pools, you have the right to make your own with PVC pipe, yet for heavier blankets or pools 18′ or larger, girlfriend will need an aluminum tube. Check out our over ground pool economic climate Solar covering Roller here.



Solar Hooks

Solar hooks allow you to pull the cover completely off the swimming pool in minute and additionally keep the clean and not danger burning the grass beside the pool.

You could make your own, but take that easy and also buy our Solar Saddle instead. Set of five hooks all set for mounting under the optimal rail, no screws required



Protecting her Solar Cover

This last bit of solar cover hacks for over ground pools requires methods to make your solar cover last longer. No one desires to spend good money on something that just lasts for one year – for this reason here’s some vital tips because that solar cover users.

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That’s it because that our methods to hack solar extending your over ground pool! If you have actually other tips and tricks that have worked for you, share below by clicking the leaving a reply button.