GenreCookingEducationalOriginal language(s)EnglishNo. That episodes21 (list of episodes)First illustration date22 October 2007NetworkDisney Channel
Country the originUnited StatesNo. That seasons3Executive producer(s)Brenda SongFinal illustration date8 November 2014Number of seasons3
Presented byBrenda song (season 1), Peyton perform (seasons 2–3), Karan Brar (seasons 2–3)CastBrenda Song, Peyton List, Karan BrarSimilarAs the Bell Rings, Jessie, Disney Channel Games, Life Bites, Avalon High
Pass the Plate to be a multicultural short-form collection filmed in ten nations that is created by Riverstreet Productions in association v Disney Channel. Organized by The Suite Life top top Deck\"s Brenda Song, the first season the the series included assorted other Disney Channel performers indigenous all roughly the world. Season 2, which debuted on November 1, 2013, was organized by Jessie and Diary that a Wimpy Kid\"s Peyton List and also Karan Brar. The 3rd season, also hosted by List and also Brar, premiered in its totality on November 8, 2014.

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Peyton list karan brar happen the plate for disney channel

Brenda song - happen the key - Grain



Rotating on-air every day, happen the key \"aims to accumulate kids and preteens to lead a healthier way of living by sharing social and historical facts around food and also Cooking, when giving focus to kids assisting in the ready of their own meal.\" every of the segments focuses on the exposition, preparation and health benefits of one food article – mangoes, rice, fish, tomatoes, bananas, grains, vegetables, fruits, and also spinach - and takes viewers throughout the world on a tour of exactly how these foodstuffs are took pleasure in by kids and also families in every country.



\"We desire our programming come reflect and recognize the everyone shares a duty to encourage kids and also families to embrace healthy lifestyles. Our continuous healthy youngsters initiatives...and especially Pass the Plate...represent our global team\"s effort to both inform and also empower ours viewers, mirroring them just how kids similar to them approximately the human being enjoy and benefit from healthy and balanced foods\", Disney Channel\"s global President well-off Ross said in a statement.

Culinary educator David Glickman is a consultant to the pass the plate series.

Season 1 (2007–10)

Episode 1: \"Rice\"Episode 2: \"Tomato\"Episode 3: \"Spinach\"Episode 4: \"Fish\"Episode 5: \"Banana\"Episode 6: \"Mango\"Episode 7: \"Fish 2\"Episode 8: \"Vegetables\"Episode 9: \"Grains\"Episode 10: \"Fruits\"

Season 2 (2013)

Episode 11: \"Cheesemaking\"Episode 12: \"Urban Farming\"Episode 13: \"Gluten-free Grains\"Episode 14: \"Urban Beekeeping\"Episode 15: \"Aquaponics\"Episode 16: \"Slide Ranch\"

Season 3 (2014)

Episode 17: \"Greenhouse on Wheels\"Episode 18: \"Rooftop Farming\"Episode 19: \"Shellfish Farming\"Episode 20: \"Popcorn Farming\"Episode 21: \"Pickling\"

United Kingdom


The show aired top top Disney Channel UK in November 2011. Held by Gregg Sulkin, Brad Kavanagh, Sydney White, and also Amy Wren, it went to the human being to find out around what they eat, like China for noodles, or India for curry. Over there were likewise tips on healthy eating.

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Disney Consumer commodities in the uk announced a attend to Tesco in 2007 come launch a line of branded food commodities featuring Disney characters. Every the items would certainly conform to nutritional guidelines and also limits.