Your quest for Destiny: Rise of Iron"s marquee weapon winds it method via two searches, start via "Echoes of the Past" and concluding through "Beauty in Destruction." After you"ve completed their myriad search steps, you"ll earn a 350-Attack Gjallarhorn. Here"s how to perform it.

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Echoes of the Past Quest

Destiny: Rise of Iron"s "Echoes of the Past" is a two-component quest that starts via the primary story campaign and also concludes through a patrol in the Plaguelands.

1. Await the Call Quest Tip

Finish the main story campaign, "Iron Banner," to complete the "Await the Call" pursuit action.

2. Patrol the Plaguelands Quest Tip

"Picking up some odd readings in the Plaguelands. Sending your Ghold the details." — Shiro-4

After completing the "Iron Banner" campaign, you"ll unlock the "Patrol the Plaguelands" search step as soon as you talk to Tyra.

Find a Splicer Key


You"ll must collect a Splicer Key to complete this quest step. While patrolling the Plaguelands, look for a Brood Mother Hive Wizard, which is just a Hive Wizard. They spawn periodically at the opening spawn suggest of the Plagueland also patrol. Defeat a Brood Mother, and also there"s a high likelihood that it will certainly drop a Splicer Key.

Scan the anomaly in Site 6

In the Archon"s Keep location of the Plaguelands, look for a typical patrol mission (it has actually a gorganize symbol) that requires you to finish a sdeserve to patrol. This will take you dvery own previous Archon"s Forge right into Site 6. It"s tbelow that you"ll find a walker. Bring friends to the fight if you deserve to. You can play through a party of three.

The atmosphere to scan is straight behind the walker. If you wish, while two distract the walker, the 3rd deserve to head to Site 6 and also shave the right to the area. You have the right to also stun the walker and sneak approximately him prior to he wakes up. Of course, you deserve to also defeat the walker, also.

To enter Site 6 and scan the anomaly, you"ll need a Splicer Key to pass a laser gate. If you haven"t accumulated one yet, find a Brood Mvarious other Hive Wizard in the location and take it out. They drop Splicer Keys on a regular basis.

Talk to Lord Saladin and Tyra Karn

Return to the Iron Temple and stop through Lord Saladin, that will certainly unlock the "Beauty in Destruction" search that leads to Gjallarhorn. Talk to Tyra Karn, too. After doing that, it"s time to start collecting medallions.

Beauty in Destruction Quest

The tale of a weapon forged for a new Iron Lord

"Beauty in Destruction" is a 10-step quest that culminates as soon as you obtain Gjallarhorn.

1. Talk to Saladin

The Gjallarhorn is a message. It is easy enough for even the foolish to understand." — Lord Saladin

If you"ve completed the project and also "Echoes of the Past," you"ll have to sheight to Lord Saladin in the Iron Temple. Don"t leave. There"s an additional point you"ve gained to execute right here.

2. Talk to Tyra

You cannot sepaprice the history of the Iron Lords and also the background of this weapon. They are one and the same." — Tyra Karn

Sheight to Tyra Karnin in the Iron Temple. Once that"s finimelted, head to the Plaguelands to find the Medallions.

3. Collect Iron Medallions Quest Step

"The sight of the Iron Lords striding into fight is a faded memory. They lie dead, and their foes also more so." — Tyra Karn

You"ll have to gather seven Medallions to finish this pursuit. An symbol will show up on the screen once you"re close sufficient to a Medallion. Here"s where to find them.

Felwinter Peak


This one is ideal at the Iron Temple. Head appropriate just exterior the temple entrance and also look up. A marker will certainly show up when you"re close. You"ll need to carry out some standard platforming to climb the rocks and also gain to the top. Pick it up and also head to the Plaguelands to find the others.

Lords" Watch Medallion


As soon as you generate into the Plaguelands, jump off the ledge and revolve ideal. The Lords" Watch Medallion will certainly be inside a little framework in the center of the location.

Bunker Triglav Medallion




After nabbing the Lords" Watch Medallion, turn about and head the other means on your sparrowhead. This direction is the very same as if you turned left from the opening spawn suggest, and it takes you directly to Bunker Triglav. The Medallion is in a building to the right.

Head inside the roofed location and take the initially door on the left. It"s the very same location wbelow you had actually to take down the two shield generators in "The Plaguelands" story mission. Hug the left wall as you walk into that location and case the Bunker Medallion.

Giant"s Husk Medallion


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This Medallion is in the freight yard location wbelow Hive opponents ambushed you. Turn earlier about and head ago toward the generate point. Stay on that path until you reach Giant"s Husk. It"s the location via a bunch of containers littered around.

When you view the rocky cliffs to your right (they will certainly be visible automatically after the words Giant"s Husk appear on screen), jump as much as climb them. Follow the ground-level containers on the appropriate side. Once you"re on the overpass with containers stacked on each other, hug the ground-level containers to your left. The Medallion will be on the ground between two of them.