Here's our guide to all the assorted Destiny 2 imperial Treasure Map locations, scattered around Io, Nessus, and also Mars.

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With the Season the Opulence update for Destiny 2, a brand new treasure hunt activity was introduced. This are known as the royal Treasure Maps, each of which supplies some prized loot items. In ours Destiny 2 royal Treasure Maps guide, we"ll it is in listing out all of the Destiny 2 imperial Treasure Map locations the we"ve uncovered at various locations in the game.

Destiny 2 imperial Treasure Map Locations

In the brand-new Season that Opulence for Destiny 2, you"ll be able to take top top some brand-new Pursuits native Werner 99-40, the new vendor on Nessus. Yet when you finish these Weekly Bounties native Werner, lock won"t reward you with items. Instead, they"ll give you a vague place to go to on a world to obtain your actual reward. Use the list listed below to head straight to the individual imperial Treasure Map locations.

Well that Flames imperial Treasure Map Location

This one is basic to find, and it come as component of the introductory search line because that Werner 99-40. Every you should do is head come the well of Flames map mite on Nessus. Now simply work your method up the circular structure jutting the end from the ground.

The well of fire location. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

Eventually, you"ll with a triangle shaped feet in the rock that you can quickly slip through. In this cavern, there"s a huge function in the ground the you have the right to drop down. At the bottom of this hole rotate around, and the chest will certainly be ideal there because that you to claim.

Io royal Treasure Map Location

Now this is a tricky one come find. Stand at the map point that we"ve significant below on Io, and you"ll view that there"s a space in the cliff the you deserve to go down. You need to head all the means to the end of this cavern, where you"ll uncover some Taken opponents to fight.

The enntrance gate to the Io treasure Map cavern. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

Once you"ve defeated all the Taken, scan the tiny cavern. Friend shouldn"t have any type of trouble finding the royal Treasure Map reward chest here, which grants you v XP, one item, and also currency to usage on the Chalice.

The location of the Io royal Treasure Map. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

Mars royal Treasure Map Location

For this imperial Treasure Map ar on Mars, you"re walk to require your Sparrow. Native the main landing zone close to Ana Bray, head every the method around on the map come the Alton Dynamo area. You"ll know you"re walk in the appropriate direction when you with the Alton approach area.

When you"re in the room snapshot below, you have to head v the door the you"d typically open in the will of the Thousands Strike. After you"ve opened up this door you"ll come to a T junction, where you have to turn right.

The Alton Dynamo area. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

You"ll currently be in the server room, pictured below. Once you"ve encountered the Knight and Hive that rush you, head to the left of the area, in the direction we"re encountering below, to find the royal Treasure Map chest.

The server room because that the Mars royal Treasure Map. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

Right now, these space all the Destiny 2 royal Treasure Maps you can find. However as Werner 99-40 introduces brand-new weekly bounties for you, there room bound come be more chests to track down in the future.

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