The "Prison Break" reboot debuts on FOX ~ above April 4, 2017. In respect of the series" return, is taking a look back at the actors and actresses you more than likely forgot once appeared on the show, beginning with Kaley Cuoco. In 2007 — the same year "The huge Bang Theory" debuted — she had actually a two-episode stint as Sasha Murray, a teenager with an abusive father that encounters Haywire, top top "Prison Break." now keep reading for more!

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Demi Lovato appeared on a 2006 illustration of "Prison Break" as daniel Curtin, a teenager girl who shares an regrettably encounter v T-Bag during Season 2.

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Michael Cudlitz that "The go Dead" — he shown the late, good Sgt. Abraham Ford — had a two-episode stint on "Prison Break" together Fox flow guard Bob Hudson in 2005.

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"The Originals" star danielle Campbell, who you can know from her high-profile relationship with louis Tomlinson, made her exhilaration debut top top "Prison Break" in 2006. She illustrated Susan Hollander"s daughter, Gracey, whom T-Bag kidnapped.

"Castle" star Jon Huertas, who at this time portrays Miguel top top "This Is Us," showed up as a guy named DeJesus on a 2007 episode of "Prison Break."

In 2009, five years before she debuted together inmate Lolly Whitehill top top "Orange Is the brand-new Black," Lori Petty had actually a two-episode stint together inmate dad on "Prison Break."

"Sons of Anarchy" star Kim Coates portrayed FBI agent Richard Sullins on a grasp of "Prison Break" episodes between 2006 and also 2009.

Allison Tolman, that scored an Emmy nomination in 2014 for her job-related on "Fargo," portrayed a nurse on a 2006 illustration of "Prison Break."

Three years before he debuted as teen werewolf Tyler Lockwood on "The Vampire Diaries," Michael Trevino play a cop ~ above a 2006 illustration of "Prison Break."

"Lost" alum william Mapother, Tom Cruise"s cousin, portrayed FBI Agent kris Franco on 2 episodes of "Prison Break" in 2009.

A year before she join the cast of "Glee," Dot-Marie Jones illustrated inmate Skittlez on two 2009 episodes of "Prison Break."

"Goosebumps" and also "Scandal" actor Dylan Minnette, who can at this time be seen on Netflix"s "13 factors Why," depicted young Michael on five episodes of "Prison Break" between 2005 and also 2006.

"The Closer" and "Major Crimes" star Tony Denison portrayed Aldo Burrows, Michael and also Lincoln"s father, on five episodes that "Prison Break" in 2006.

Jeff Perry, who portrays Cyrus on "Scandal," popped up together Caroline Reynolds" brothers Terrence Steadman, whom Lincoln is framed with murdering, on four episodes that "Prison Break" between 2006 and 2007.

"Bosch" star Titus Welliver, who"s appeared in every four feature films Ben Affleck has actually directed end the years, portrayed agency operative Scott Carruth in 2 episodes of "Prison Break" in 2008.

"Supernatural" and "Quantico" star mark Pellegrino depicted Patrick Vikan, who worked for The Company, on two episodes of "Prison Break" in 2008.

"Veep" and also "Transformers" actor Kevin Dunn portrayed Cooper environment-friendly on 2 episodes that "Prison Break" in 2007.

Gabriel Luna play a guy named Eduardo ~ above a 2008 episode of "Prison Break." He"s due to the fact that enjoyed stints top top "Matador," "True Detective," "Wicked City" and "Agents that S.H.I.E.L.D.," on i beg your pardon he illustrated the Ghost Rider.

In 2006, "Motive" and also "The Killing" star Kristin Lehman popped up on two episodes the "Prison Break" together Jane Phillips, a former employee of The Company.

"Outlander" and also "Preacher" gibbs Graham McTavish portrayed agency agent Ferguson on four episodes the "Prison Break" in 2008.

"Vikings" and also "Glee" star Jessalyn Gilsig depicted Lincoln"s ex-wife Lisa on four episodes that "Prison Break" in 2005.

"Rescue Me" star Callie Thorne shown Alex Mahone"s ex-wife Pam on several episodes of "Prison Break" in between 2006 and also 2008.

"Hart the Dixie" star Cress Williams, who"s collection to pat the titular superhero ~ above the upcoming "Black Lightning" TV show, portrayed agency assassin Wyatt Mathewson on several episodes the "Prison Break" in 2008.

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Christine Devine shown a reporter on a 2006 episode of "Prison Break." The real-life Emmy-winning news anchor is undoubtedly acquainted to everyone who resides in Los Angeles: She co-anchors L.A."s Fox 11 news in ~ 10 o"clock.

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