When it comes to automatic specialty coffee drink makers we want something that is straightforward to use, but doesn’t sacrifice taste. We uncovered that in the DeLonghi Magnifica S. Native its straightforward style to deluxe extras choose a warming tray, this maker brews a delicious espresso with ease. Our only quibble is demystifying the icons on the control panel can be trying.

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More prefer a Cadillac 보다 a Tesla

The DeLonghi Magnifica S is one attractive specialty coffee maker, however it’s much from what we’d contact sexy. We did appreciate its simple design. Bathed in shades of silver and black, the Magnifica has actually an upscale feel, however its boxy size provides it watch like other specialty coffee machines on the market. Measure 16.9 by 9.3 by 13.8 inches and weighing simply less 보다 20 pounds, that doesn’t take it up a ton of counter space, and it’s reasonably easy to move.

It’s no immediately apparent what the icons mean, and when castle blink, it means something entirely different.

The front of the device is stylish, with its double spout, coffee buttons, and dial for boosting aroma intensity. You’ll additionally find a warm water spout, which deserve to be removed and also replaced v the milk container for crafting cappuccinos. The peak of the Magnifica S is decked out with a heating tray and also the bean container. There’s additionally a point out under the p cover wherein you can insert floor coffee. Speak of coffee grounds, the supplied grounds gain stored in a container behind the coffee tray. To empty it, simply slide the end the whole drip tray. Note: as soon as emptying the container you’ll an alert the grounds are in the perfect spherical shape that you gain when making an espresso making use of a hand-operated machine.

Above the buttons and knobs is a black color area. This is the manage panel, and it serves 2 purposes: to show you what form of drink is being made and to alarm you when the device needs attention. In both cases, an symbol on this screen will illuminate. It’s not immediately evident what each symbol symbolizes. Come make points a little more complicated, sometimes the photo will blink, which method something completely different. For example, an symbol that looks prefer a beaker through two rows that dots method “empty grounds container,” but if the blinking it means, “insert grounds container.” The manual consists of a overview to every one of these symbols. After a few uses, you’ll get the hang of it.

An automated dream machine

Initially, it seemed as if it would take a bit of time to properly setup the Magnifica S, yet it actually turned the end to be one of the easiest high-end models we’ve encountered come date. It took less than 10 minute to remove it indigenous the box, plug the in, revolve on the main power move in the back of the machine, clean a few items, download the water filter, to fill the water container, and add some beans. Voilà. We were ready to brew our very first cappuccino. The course, over there were various other accouterments included: a water hardness check indicator, a coffee scoop, a brush because that removing excess grounds, and a descale accessory. Girlfriend can also select coffee toughness by transforming the knob (the closer come Max, the much more beans it grinds) ~ above the former of the Magnifica. Girlfriend can adjust this setup for every drink friend make together well.





Making a cup that Joe or a specialty drink is just as easy as the setup. For this part, you’ll likely want to refer to the manual, because the buttons just have actually images the coffee cup with assorted fill levels, though the cup v the the smallest amount of fluid is obviously one espresso. The Magnifica can make one espresso, coffee, lengthy coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and hot water. If you feeling favor something fancier, describe the consisted of recipe book.

To brew a drink, you’ll must press the front strength button, choose the form of drink friend want, pick a coffee taste (mild, standard, or strong) by pressing the coffee bean button, and also then push the brew button. As soon as the maker begins the imminent process, it renders a loud noise that if you’re no awake yet, it will definitely give friend a jolt. It provides some gurgling sounds that somewhat resemble an uncomfortable tummy and border top top the rude-noise category. A note about the coffee bean image: The display will screen a single coffee p – it grows to represent taste. Throughout testing, we additionally became enamored through the brew button. The pretty lot the mastermind of the Magnifica, because this button can stop a brew, add much more liquid (press for three seconds), and lets you select grounds rather of bean (press it for three seconds when an initial selecting a coffee choice).

The DT Accessory Pack

Up your game and the get the many out that your gear with the complying with extras, hand-picked by our editors:

Lavazza Crema e Gusto – ground coffee ($18.13)Jump top top the p wagon.

DeLonghi double-walled thermo espresso glasses ($10.87)It’s simpler than drink espresso the end of a mug.

Friis 16-ounce coffee vault ($18.20)Keep the coffee fresh.

Because the Magnifica has actually two spouts and options for make one or 2 drinks, you deserve to brew 2 specialty coffees simultaneously. Us were able to fit 2 standard-size coffee mugs top top the tray side-by-side and also make two cups. That said, you’d have better luck if girlfriend use ideal espresso cups. Friend can additionally press the choice for 2 cups and make your drink a double. While we’re on the object of the spout, the does relocate up and down. Because that an extra creamy espresso, slide the spout down right into the cup.

To do a cappuccino, you have to attach the milk container. To carry out this, you’ll should remove the hot water attachment. It might seem favor you’ll rest it if you traction it in the not correct direction, yet don’t over think the – the attachment clears easily. Attaching the milk container is just as straightforward; however, you’ll want to fill it through milk first. Yes a knob ~ above the container to adjust milk froth. When you empty the milk, the accessory cleans itself. You’ll want to put a cup under the spout, as warm water is expulsed throughout this process.

Perhaps our favorite function is the warming tray perched atop the Magnifica. The function of this is to, that course, obtain the coffee cup warm before adding liquid. Prefer pre-warming a plate in the oven, this helps improve the as whole coffee suffer – do it feel special.

If the coffee doesn’t wake up you, the device might

The Magnifica S isn’t the quietest coffee device we’ve tested, but the bulk of the noise is emitted during the drink-initiating process. In ~ 80 decibels, the sound is equivalent to a garbage disposal in use. That said, once the coffee is poured it clocks in in ~ 54 decibels, which is similar to the sounds you’ll discover in a quiet suburb. In ours tests, we measured coffee temperature, how long it required to make, and also overall taste. According to the nationwide Coffee Association, coffee temperature need to be kept at 180 come 185 levels Fahrenheit, though the is too warm for some folks. If the Magnifica S didn’t brew coffee the met the temperature, all the drink were hot sufficient to enjoy. We did discover that putting the cup on the warming tray first did make a difference in all at once coffee heat.

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Temperature (Farhenheit)

Brew time

Coffee Amount

Amount that Cups

Espresso12141.4 seconds1 oz1
Espresso12647 seconds2 oz2
Coffee1441 min. 2 seconds4 oz1
Coffee1451 min. 32 seconds8 oz2
Long coffee1511 min. 37 seconds6 oz1
Long coffee1463 min. 7 seconds12 oz2
Cappuccino1451 min. 16 secondsN/A1
Macchiato latte1311 min. 17 secondsN/A1

The Magnifica S made a range of 13 specialty drinks before needing to empty the grounds and also refill the water tank. When the grounds are full, the machine will not job-related until friend discard them. Overall, all the drink tasted good, and also we proficient the flavor indigenous the beans. If you prefer strong coffee, pick the best bean and turn the knob. This no a gimmicky feature; that produces a more powerful coffee flavor.


Overall, the DeLonghi Magnifica S is a hard machine. It’s not fairly as sexy together the Jura GIGA 5, but it’s simpler to use and, at $1,300, a quarter of the price. Would certainly we contact it magnificent? more than likely not, however it makes delicious coffee, plus a few fancy drinks. Isn’t that what you want from an automatic coffee machine?


Makes tasty espressoEasy come useWarming traySelf-cleaning milk container


ExpensiveControl dashboard icons have the right to be confusingLoud activation

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